Tasty Bite Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tasty Bite Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Thai Penang Ginger Curry1003g6g
Thai Vegetable Peanut1805g10g
Kashmir Spinach905g5g
Brown Rice2405g3g
Aloo Palak1003g3g
Teriyaki Noodles2305g5g
Tikka Masala Spice & Simmer902g4g
Basmati Rice1703g2g
Thai Lime Rice2103g5g
Channa Masala1686g6g
Vegetable Tikka Masala1324g5g
Jodhpur Lentils1106g2.5g
Pad Thai Noodles2508g8g
Asian Vegetable Rice1903g6g
Thai Bangkok Vegetables1303g7g
Jaipur Vegetables1807g11g
Tandoori Rice1803g2.5g
Korma Spice & Simmer903g7g
Kashmir Curry Spice & Simmer1102g7g
Moroccan Pilaf2205g5g
Punjab Potatoes1214g5g
Brown Rice Biryani1804g5g
Thai Vegetable Noodles2005g5g
Mushroom Masala1203g3g
Thai Green Curry Spice & Simmer1102g6g
Jasmine Rice2103g4g
Brown Rice & Lentils1706g2.5g
Punjab Eggplant1503g9g
Kung Pao Noodles2207g5g
Bengal Lentils1607g6g
Szechuan Noodles1975g5g
Indian Bombay Potatoes1404g4g
Spinach Dal1003g5g
Madras Lentils1507g6g
Thai Fried Rice2004g4g
Toasted Sesame Noodles2107g4.5g
Teriyaki Spice & Simmer1402g6g
Garlic Brown Rice2205g5g
Bombay Lentils1436g6g
Peanut Satay Noodles2608g9g
Basil Chili Rice1804g4g
Stir Fried Brown Rice2004g4g
Long Grain Rice1703g2g
Lemongrass Ginger Noodles2005g5g
Mushroom Lo Mein Noodles1906g3.5g
Vegetable Korma1303g6g
Thai Cashew Curry1403g9g
Paneer Makhani22010g17g
Szechuan Spice & Simmer1002g4g

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