Taste Nirvana Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taste Nirvana Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Thai Tea Easy Brew
Thai Tea1801g3g
Coco Matcha Coconut Water w/ Matcha Green Tea60
Thai Coffee1708g4g
Young Coconut Juice1100.5g
Coco Pulp w/ Tender Coconut Bits501g
Coco Aloe Coconut Water w/ Refreshing Aloe Vera60
Roasted Coconut Juice1100.5g
Coco K-Fir Probiotic Coconut Water70
Coco Passion Coconut Water w/ Passion Fruit Juice & Seeds80
Roasted Coconut Water50
Thai Tea Latte902g2g
Thai Coffee Latte1102g2.5g
Coco Real HPP Cold Pressed Coconut Water60
Coco Real Premium Coconut Water50
HPP Cold Pressed Thai Pineapple Juice150
Grama's Sweet Chili Sauce45

Taste Nirvana restaurant is a famous restaurant located in the New York City. It is known for its delicious dishes and delicious food, but many people don’t know the origin of the restaurant.

What is Taste Nirvana restaurant?

Taste Nirvana restaurant was founded by a celebrity chef and restaurateur named Chef Vikram Sunderam. He started his business in 1995 in Chicago and then moved to New York. Taste Nirvana was first opened in the New York City in 2000.

Chef Sunderam has been working for 30 years and he knows all the secrets of preparing the perfect dishes. He is an expert chef and knows all the recipes for the dishes.

Chef Sunderam has won a lot of awards for his great dishes and services. He is one of the most famous chefs in the New York. He is also famous for his recipes like Chicken Tandoori, Thai Chicken and many more.

Taste Nirvana is not only a restaurant but it is a well-known brand. It has a wide range of products and you can find it in most of the leading stores in the US.

How did the Taste Nirvana restaurant come into existence?

It is the story of a chef named Vikram Sunderam. He started his career as a professional chef in 1995 and since then he has worked for different restaurants.

He has also worked for various airlines and hotels. But his passion was cooking and he was always planning to open a restaurant of his own. He had been dreaming to open his own restaurant for a long time.

When he opened his first restaurant, he was not successful at all. The customers were not satisfied with the service quality and they were not interested in the dishes.

But after a few months, the restaurant became very popular and it gained the attention of many celebrities and politicians. They visited the restaurant and ordered the dishes. After that, the restaurant became famous.

After some time, he decided to open another restaurant in the same area and the name of that restaurant is Taste Nirvana.

The Taste Nirvana restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the New York. It is famous for its dishes, ambiance, service, and the menu.


Taste Nirvana restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the New York. It is famous for its delicious dishes and delicious food. It is known for its great dishes and the excellent service.