Tap ‘n Apple Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tap ‘n Apple Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Apple Butter Spread20

Tap n Apple restaurant is a unique concept where customers can enjoy food with their mobile phones. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes and snacks that can be ordered via an online system.

Tap n Apple is an innovative concept for those who want to eat in a place where they can relax and enjoy the meal with their friends. Customers can order food from the menu and enjoy the meal without disturbing their friends.

The restaurant offers three types of dining experience:

Online Ordering

The online ordering option is the most convenient and safe way to order your food. The restaurant accepts payments through a number of online payment methods like Paypal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Net banking. The customer can also choose to pay using their mobile phone.

Table Service

The table service allows the customers to enjoy the food with their friends. This is the most popular option as the restaurant offers a wide range of options for the customers.


If you want to eat at the restaurant without any disturbance, then the reservation option is the best choice. The restaurant has a limited number of tables and the reservation is available online or by calling the restaurant.

The restaurant also offers a wide range of drinks and desserts that can be enjoyed with the meal. There is a huge variety of drinks and desserts that you can choose from.

Food and drinks

Tap n Apple offers a wide range of snacks and meals that you can enjoy with your friends. The restaurant has the best of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and fusion dishes.

Tap n Apple has a wide range of beverages that you can enjoy with your meal. You can choose from different beverages like juice, tea, coffee, smoothies, and shakes.

Location and Contact Details

Tap n Apple is located in the Mall of India, Saket, New Delhi. The restaurant is easily accessible from the metro station, Saket. The nearest bus stop is located in the opposite side of the Mall of India.

If you want to reach the restaurant, you can visit the website and find the contact details on the page. There you will find all the contact details, including the phone numbers, email, and address.


Tap n Apple is a good place to enjoy food and beverages with your friends. The restaurant offers the best of food and beverages for the customers and it is best for groups of friends.