Taco Time Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taco Time Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chicken Enchilada Platter95158g36g
Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burrito37016g16g
Cheddar Melt25011g12g
Veggie Classic Burrito68321g28g
Veggie Fit-Hit Bowl36611g5g
Beef Tostado Salad82035g48g
Beef Soft Taco63127g33g
Crisp Habanero Chicken Burrito35418g17g
Cheddar Fries, Medium50011g35g
Chicken Mexi-Platter106745g59g
Cheese Omelet49035g36g
Beef Mexi-Platter124642g75g
Beef Casita Burrito90834g45g
Tostada, Chicken32026g13g
Chicken Caesar Soft Taco64830g32g
Tostada, Ground Beef38021g20g
Chicken and Cheese Omelet48041g32g
Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad50044g23g
Beef Classic Burrito81732g36g
Cilantro Lime Black Bean Salad45423g20g
Crisp Beef Taco24112.8g14.7g
Habanero Soft Beef Burrito75632g28g
Bacon and Cheese Omelet52040g37g
Crisp Pinto Bean Burrito36013g14g
Casita Burrito, Chicken49034g17g
Soft Beef Burrito67835g32g
Whole Black Beans20711g3g
Big Juan Burrito, Ground Beef63030g23g
Biscuits & Gravy, Small4109g23g
Mini Beef Soft Taco36516g19g
Taters and Gravy, Small3607g23g
Egg and Sausage Breakfast Burrito52021g27g
Empanada, Apple2304g7g
Chicken Casita Burrito84638g39g
Crisp Ground Beef Burrito43022g21g
Cheddar Fries, Large70016g49g
Chips & Guacamole7267g50g
Tostada, Bean2308g13g
Soft Chicken Burrito55444g20g
Beef Baja Taco23511g7g
Casita Burrito, Pork55030g28g
Crisp Taco, Ground Beef with Sour Cream29014g19g
Pinto Bean Casita Burrito84027g37g
Chicken Nachos130359g83g
Country Breakfast Burrito70029g42g
Cheddar Fries, Small3508g25g
Empanada, Pumpkin2606g8g
Chicken Fit-Hit Bowl44526g7g
Beef Natural Soft Taco61228g28g
Empanada, Cherry2404g7g
Veggie Soft Taco71030g34g
Chicken Baja Taco19214g3g
Pinto Beans26916g3g
Fish Baja Taco3077g15g
Pinto Bean Baja Taco1887g1g
Chicken Natural Soft Taco54932g22g
Chicken Soft Taco55632g25g
Big Juan Burrito, Pork65031g27g
Breakfast Platter81029g61g
Tostada Delight Salad, Chicken45030g19g
Pinto Bean Natural Soft Taco54422g20g
Crisp Chicken Taco19715.8g10.5g
Chicken Taco Salad44435g24g
Enchilada, Chicken23023g5g
Casita Burrito, Ground Beef54029g24g
Mini Chicken Soft Taco32119g14g
Chimichanga, Ground Beef65031g27g
Country Omelet72040g54g
Mini Pinto Bean Soft Taco31711g13g
Soft Pinto Bean Burrito54222g15g
Chicken Classic Burrito75436g30g
Egg and Chicken Breakfast Burrito47026g19g
Beef Nachos136655g89g
Churro Bites3816g19g
Crisp Taco, Ground Beef26014g17g
Chimichanga, Chicken61037g20g
Pinto Bean Soft Taco55019.6g23.4g
Pinto Bean Mexi-Platter111532g57g
Pinto Bean Tostado Salad71124g35g
Chicken B.L.T. Burrito69039g39g
Egg and Bacon Breakfast Burrito51025g24g
Tostada Delight Salad, Ground Beef49024g26g
Beef Enchilada Platter107649g48g
Beef, Bean & Cheese Burrito49026g17g
Chips & Salsa5926g34g
Crisp Beef Burrito46618g31g
Beef Taco Salad54428g34g
Egg and Taters Breakfast Burrito43017g19g
Chicken Caesar Salad49435g33g
Fish Soft Taco74520g40g
Enchilada, Ground Beef29018g12g
Big Juan Burrito, Chicken58034g16g
Churro with Cinnamon & Sugar2502g16g
Regular Nachos121843g81g
Chicken Tostado Salad72042g38g
Habanero Soft Chicken Burrito65638g19g
White Chicken Chili17114g2g
Chicken & Black Bean Burrito49030g16g
Crispy Chicken Ranchero Burrito60029g31g
Biscuits and Gravy, Large83017g47g
Pinto Bean Enchilada Platter94036g32g
Empanada, Bavarian Creme2406g9g
Ultimate Breakfast Burrito86035g58g
Crisp Chicken Burrito38022g17g
Crisp Pinto Bean Taco1938.2g9g
Pinto Bean Taco Salad43518g21g
Churro, Plain2102g16g

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