Taco John’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taco John’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Crunchy Chicken Taco Salad63026g36g
Breakfast Egg Burrito with Bacon48024g24g
Kid's Giant Goldfish Grahams701g2g
Potato Oles Scrambler with Sausage, Small75020g50g
Potato Oles, Medium6707g38g
Bold Buffalo Wings, _ lb.58032g31g
Jr. Breakfast Burrito with Bacon20010g9g
Bold Buffalo Wings, 5 oz41022g22g
Buffalo Crunchy Chicken Burrito59017g29g
Single Street Sirloin Steak Taco1809g8g
Bacon & Potato Breakfast Burrito54020g25g
Chicken Softshell Taco19014g6g
Grilled Chicken Burrito58027g28g
Stuffed Grilled Taco54018g27g
Junior Bacon Breakfast Burrito19010g8g
Crunchy Chicken & Potato Burrito58018g27g
Super Potato Oles, Regular109024g67g
Potato Oles, Kid's Meal and Breakfast Portion3303g19g
Chicken Queso Nachos Navidad70028g34g
Honey Habanero Wings, 5 oz44022g18g
Chicken Taco Salad without Dressing50025g27g
Super Potato Oles, Small65014g40g
Cheese Roll-Up1808g9g
Kid's Chicken Softshell Taco19014g6g
Cheesy Quesadilla45019g24g
Apple Grande2805g11g
Jr. Breakfast Burrito with Sausage24010g12g
Beefy Burrito44021g21g
Honey Habanero Wings, _ lb.63031g25g
Super Burrito45019g20g
Bacon Breakfast Egg Burrito47024g23g
Iced Coffee, French Vanilla2103g4g
Iced Coffee, Cafe Mocha2103g3.5g
Softshell Chicken Taco18013g5g
Bacon Potato Oles Scrambler108031g68g
Taco Bravo33014g13g
Hot Sauce5
Softshell Taco22011g10g
Citrus Rush, Mango180
Sausage Scrambler Burrito65021g33g
Super Nachos, Regular79022g47g
Potato Oles4805g27g
Bean Burrito37014g11g
Crunchy Chicken Taco Salad without Dressing63026g36g
Crispy Taco1709g10g
Mexi Rolls37014g21g
Kid's Bean Burrito37014g11g
Sweet Chipotle BBQ Wings, 5 oz42022g18g
Pico de Gallo10
Mexican Donut Bites2904g12g
Classic Nachos Navidad79022g47g
Chicken Grilled Burrito59029g30g
Meat & Potato Burrito52015g25g
Honey Habanero Wings, 1 lb.125062g50g
Softshell Beef Taco21011g10g
Mexi Rolls without Nacho Cheese, 6 Piece71035g27g
Oreo Churro2803g10g
Chicken & Potato Burrito48018g21g
Beef & Potato Burrito51015g24g
Breakfast Burrito with Sausage64021g36g
Breakfast Egg Burrito42019g20g
Sausage & Potato Breakfast Burrito53021g34g
Beef Burrito44021g20g
Super Hot Sauce5
Breakfast Sausage Egg Burrito57025g32g
Chips & Nacho Cheese3807g20g
Bold Buffalo Wings, 1 lb.115062g63g
Chicken Taco Salad50024g27g
Crunchy Chicken without Sauce37022g18g
Combination Burrito41018g16g
Spicy Chorizo Breakfast Burrito51020g28g
Beef Taco Salad without Dressing54022g33g
Chicken & Gravy Breakfast Burrito63020g29g
Refried Beans32018g7g
Creamy Italian Dressing13014g
Potato Oles, Small4805g27g
Potato Oles Scrambler with Sausage, Regular119031g79g
Beef Super Nachos42013g23g
Citrus Rush, Strawberry180
Walking Taco with Sour Cream39013g23g
Breakfast Egg Burrito with Sausage57025g34g
Ranch Dressing1401g16g
Junior Sausage Breakfast Burrito23010g12g
Kid's Crispy Taco1709g10g
Potato Oles Scrambler with Bacon, Small66020g41g
Sausage Potato Oles Scrambler119031g79g
Super Nachos, Small42012g25g
Grilled Beef Burrito59024g31g
Scrambler Burrito with Sausage66021g34g
Potato Oles, Large8609g49g
Ranch Burrito44016g22g
Mexi Rolls without Nacho Cheese, 2 Piece28014g11g
House Dressing707g
Mexi Rolls without Nacho Cheese, 4 Piece55028g21g
Chicken Quesadilla52028g25g
Sweet Chipotle BBQ Wings, 1 lb.118063g51g
Sirloin Steak Super Nachos81027g42g
Potato Oles Scrambler with Bacon, Regular108031g68g
Bacon Scrambler Burrito55021g25g
Chips & Queso4309g25g
Side Salad402g2.5g
Mild Sauce10
Taco Burger28014g12g
Kid's Cheese Quesadilla2009g10g
Single Street Chicken Taco17010g6g
Scrambler Burrito with Bacon55021g27g
Nacho Cheese1103g9g
Beef Quesadilla55026g29g
Super Potato Oles109024g67g
Sweet Chipotle BBQ Wings, _ lb.59031g26g
Kid's Softshell Taco1909g8g
Breakfast Burrito with Bacon55020g27g
Walking Taco with Fajita Sour Cream39013g22g
Bacon Ranch Dressing1201g9g
Beef Grilled Burrito59024g32g
Beef Taco Salad54022g33g
Kid's Crunchy Chicken with Ranch49023g30g
Sour Cream1403g13g

If you don’t know what Taco John’s is, then you are lucky because I am going to tell you about the best place to eat this delicious Mexican food in Los Angeles.

You might have heard of Taco Bell and Carl’s Jr. but did you know that there are many other restaurants like this in USA? Yes, there are many places where you can find this kind of Mexican food but I am sure you will love this place more than any other restaurants.

Taco John’s is the only authentic Mexican fast food restaurant in USA. The only difference between Taco Bell and Taco John’s is that Taco John’s is a Mexican fast food restaurant and Taco Bell is an American fast food restaurant. Both of them serve tacos, burritos, and nachos but Taco John’s is the only restaurant where you will find all of these dishes along with other Mexican food items.

The main reason why I am telling you about this restaurant is that it is one of the most famous restaurants in Los Angeles. It is located at 5333 Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles. It is the best place to eat this delicious Mexican food. The menu of this restaurant is filled with variety of dishes and each dish is made up of quality ingredients.

Here are some reasons why you should visit this restaurant:

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This was all about “What is Taco John’s Restaurant?”. I hope you liked this article and if you want to visit this restaurant then you must be visiting the location at Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles.