T.J. Cinnamons Calories and Nutrition Facts

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T.J. Cinnamons Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Original Gourmet Cinnamon Roll37012g7g
Pecan Sticky Bun94013g49g

T.J. Cinnamons Restaurant In The History Of America

Today, when you hear the name of T.J. Cinnamons you will feel nostalgic. Many people will remember the history of America and how it started. If you are a tourist visiting this restaurant then you will also want to know how this restaurant was started and how it became popular.

So, let’s check out how this restaurant came into existence and how it became popular.

Who founded this restaurant?

T.J. Cinnamons was founded in the year of 1884 by Thomas Jefferson Cinnamons. He was a great inventor who had patented several inventions related to refrigeration. He was an American entrepreneur, who owned several companies in the area of refrigeration.

After he died in 1917, his family didn’t want to sell the company and they sold the company to his employees. They named the company “Cinnamons” and it was the only name that was used until today.

The history of this restaurant

In the year of 1923, this restaurant was established in a town called New York. It was opened as a small restaurant and it became a famous place for its fresh and delicious food.

It is said that in the year of 1932, it was the first time when a woman was served in the restaurant. The name of the restaurant was changed to “Cinnamons’ Restaurant”.

It is also known that in the year of 1943, the number of restaurants increased to more than 100.

In the year of 1949, this restaurant was purchased by the Pillsbury Company. They made this restaurant popular among the people of America.

After this, the restaurant became famous all over the world and it is still running till today.

How is the food of this restaurant?

The food of this restaurant is different from other restaurants. It is unique and tasty. The taste of this restaurant is very different from any other restaurants.

It is said that this restaurant has the best menu for lunch and dinner. If you are planning to eat at this restaurant then you will definitely enjoy the food of this restaurant.


This is all about the history of this restaurant. If you are a food lover and you are visiting the city of New York then you should try this restaurant. I am sure that you will enjoy the food and the taste of this restaurant.

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