Johnny Rockets Nutrition

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Food Name
Cals (kcal)
Tot Fat (g)
Sat Fat (g)
Trans Fat (g)
Sod (mg)
Carbs (g)
Fiber (g)
Prot (g)

Food Item

Hot Dog908500005
Chocolate Shake20030004135
Philly Steak Sandwich1686964000204024
Chicken Sandwich230910018025
Strawberry Milk Shake15021002626
Kids Chicken Tenders437112017559225
Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich (From the Website)192711131002212137
Hot Chocolate2900000000
Chilli Chesse Dog42727400301210
Egg Salad Sandwich1009200312
Rocket Wings4931510074918
Turkey Patty Melt12255612091809995677
Rocket Double7164414029640229
Turkey Burger (Ketchup and Lettuce Only)2838126760169262028
1/2 Fries 1/2 Rings3661040050518
Chicken Club Salad (Grilled Chicken)2900000000
Mocha Fudge Shake6000000000
Kids American Fries610356013472316
Chili Dog270950030320
Big Apple Shake806000105
Rocket Single395910072713
Grilled Mushrooms920000000
Onion Rings1153375001691944
Vanilla Shake7192840010196
the Original Jr. (Kids Menu Burger)69416200942933
Original Hamburgers Chili Size1247236002091453
Grilled Chicken Sandwich169610014412
Hamburger (Houston)22886324067534264205
Hot Dog Fries and Dreamsicle Shake1630000000
English Muffin3971020054135
Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake122210102382303642
Chili Bowl10021003118
Small Milkshake Chocolate Peanut Butter2000000000
Small Milkshake Chocolate Peanut Butte5923116008300
Oreo Strawberry Milkshake233800021210
Mini Hotdogs1547276001791141
Streamliner (Boca Burger)262610341061536524115
Side Salad7613314121478534
Cheddar Cheese14413400205
Turkey Single Protein Style4521530017538
Chili Cheese Burger16042002625
Chicken Caesar Salad122456210081162
Chicken Club Salad W/Grilled Chicken Breast1700000000
Chocolate Vanilla Twist Milkshake (From Website)191525302431684216
Bacon Cheddar Double249500042011
Bacon Cheddar Single Minus Onion17033001025
Grilled Chicken Sandwich17021003305
the Original2990000000
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Ww Lt Mayo)119054150000135
#12 No Onion4711110061937
American Fries (From Johnny Rockets Website)250000510
the Original Hamburger (With American Cheese Slice)402240004071
Vanilla Shake (From Johnny Rockets Website)2382000491619
Double Cheeseburger441000833
Blt (Wheat Bread No Mayo)337175004514
the Rocket Burger4002500028021
Grilled Chicken Sandwhich (No Mayonaisse)2000000000
Hot Dog (Plain)200150003503
Perfect Brownie806300108
Rocket Single Burger270100032029
Bacon Cheddar Single With Lettuce Tomato and Mustard Only229310026528
Smoke House Single No Onion Rings48043260017011
Philly Cheesesteak No Bun With Pepper Jack Cheese200000500
Route 66 W/ Veggie Burger No Onions32712000371022
Grilled Ham and Cheese250310050612
Johnny Rockets #12 Cheeseburger20540003944
Grilled Chix Sandwich No Mayo or Cheese63029118084012
Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake3071306200000
the Original (No Cheese)14570005116
Turkey Burger Patty7373230990038533868
Kids Mini Hot Dogs605000443
Perfect Brownie Sundae200000322
Smokehouse Burger295104018029326
Houston Burger4191870061821
Rocket Single W/Turkey Patty & Cheese2600000000
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (1/2 Bun No Tomato)19352003339
Big Apple Super Deluxe Shake400000000
Root Beer Float5233815004423
#12 Cheeseburger (From Their Site)1920000000
Kids Oreo Cookies & Cream Shake114830400872429
Smoke House Double Hamburger2200000000
Kids Mini Hamburgers71515351351521019
Bbq Chicken Melt20551054600444151
Grilled Chicken Club Salad (No Cheese No Dressing)12521002024
Bacon Cheddar Burger280700041013
Chicken Philly1758000000
Smoke House Single Turkey Patty Sub Wheat Bun1500000000
Sweet Potato Fries361072230101929996363
Smoke House Single (No Bacon No Onion Rings Whole Wheat Bun)10000000
Oreo® Cookies & Cream Shake10000000
Chicken Tenders5201040042229
Grilled American Cheese on Wheat Bread10000000
#12 Turkey Burger289263001645
the Streamliner Hamburger2500000000
Single Hamburger Plain16560002673
Chicken Philly Cheesesteak1850000000
Chili Cheese Fries90352210117852251
Children’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich3055652204684510118
Chili Cheese Fries Without Shredded Cheese/Onions3842613004031
Cheese Fries597172011971038
Pepperjack Cheese16015400300
Chocolate Strawberry Kiss Milkshake1895841001832811835
Chili Dog (W/Cheese Onions)6000000000
Smokehouse Single No Bun With Cheddar and Bacon16083000022
Strawberry Milkshake125244502651344577
Blt on Sourdough24030004589
Original Hamburger (With American Cheese)17091005018
Chocolate Madness Shake2600000000
Dinner Salad23700000026
Grilled Chicken Sandwich_no May No Tom No Cheese3681040039433
Chili (No Cheese)873251500591562
Chicken Tenders Salad18831003887
Original Chocolate Milkshake390000831
Apple Pie310103010227126
Chicken Club Sandwhich2500000000
Patty Melt12973001000
American French Fries1220000000
Chicken Club Salad With Grilled Chicken207410011335
Original Hamburger (No Mustard No Relish)1584000000
Original Hamburger No Mayo7510001443
#12 (No Tomato No Bun)20106414001899147
Chicken Philly Sandwich With Swiss160530016315
Garden Salad3661660041411
Chicken Club Salad (Grilled Chicken)12021003023
Wheat Bun12894615001925250
Houston Burger No Bun No Cheese Add Chilli9040001412
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (No Mayo)1050000000
Chicken Club Sandwich No Mayo2901590023016
Sweet Potato Fries Side91251110271511940
Rocket Single Subsititue Boca Burger4000000000
Banana Malt Shake74134130195731333
Eggs 21000000000
Vanilla Milkshake740000000
Grilled Chicken Sandwich With Lettuce and American Cheese312312352078730533201
Grilled Chicken Sanwich Only Swiss Cheese43932177101128261509
Kid’s Chocolate Shake353000111
Grilled Cheese With Tomato400178005028
Onion Rings ‘shareables’59110100951431
Streamliner Veggie Burger21132004107
Butterfinger Shake336830049917
Original Rout 661703000000
Original Hamburger (No Relish Mustard or Mayo)21571003467
Philly Cheese Steak Pepper Jack No Bun3831340058615
Tuna Melt101049230080889
the Original Burger1164794900431574
Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshakee286813546394123532190
Rocket Double ( No Bun No Tomato No Onion )2900000000
the Originial19761003424
the Original Burger (Substitute With Boca Patty)502100503
the Original Hamburger (Mustard & Pickles)11053003013
Children’s Size Chocolate Shake4600000000
Black Forest Milkshake (From Website)331163005125
Smoke House Single35091324808742520324
Breakfast Sandwich4702470045418
Fruit Bowl2350000000
Black Forest Shake185840021210
Half Fries & Half Rings2691250014328
Tuna Melt1500000000
Smokehouse Double2707531901096347107231
Housten Burger Substitute Boca Burger and Wheat Bun3600000000
Onion Rings (Website)14510003801
St. Louis/Classic24142004119
the Original3000000000
Rocket Single (No Cheese Onions or Sauce)6500001533
Chicken Club Sandwich No Mayo Swiss Cheese (Website)14078310001502028
Grilled Chicken Sandwich No Mayo152994370542104778
Strawberry Oreo Crumble Shake2400000000
Chicken Club Sandwich Mustard Instead of Mayo W/ Cheddar8743660182851461
Cheese Fries From Website5311660047251
Bacon Cheese Fries4502814004715
Coffee Shake880442800110816
Rocket Single No Onions or Sauce14052002412
Tuna Salad on Sourdough140000020014
#12 With Turkey No Mayo1836162230076927
Rocket Double826366001181422
Rocket Single With Turkey Patty and Wheat Bun5873820023141
Chicken Philly Cheesesteak Pepperjack Cheese and Onions36016841043300
Bacon Cheese Fries No Cheese Sauce20051405804755620142
the Houston598031264032073632112
Dark Chocolate Ghiradelli Shake5834560041135
Kids Meal906200208
Turkey Burger (Only Lettuce)190128001812
Original on Wheat Bun (No Mayo No Relish & No Mustard)4502100034431
Tuna Salad Sandwich Without Mayo7063810016221568
Chicken Tenders19762007128
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Tomatoes Lettuce and Pickles4800000000
Turkey Houston Burger No Bun234610330018316920187
Mocha Fudge Milkshake505540085120
Grilled Cheddar Cheese on White Bread1650000000
Blt/sourdough/no Mayo2250000000
# 12 Burger No Bun No Red Sauce625100016072
Bbq Chicken and Bacon Melt245107003109
Philly Cheese Steak With Pepper Jack Grilled Mushrooms4200000000
Route 66 W/turkey Patty No Onions No Mayo42814700532
Route 66 Burger17093001924
Route 66 W/ Grilled Chicken6150000000
the Original60924500611234
Blt With Sourdough Bread10830001824
Fanta Orange Float1513112700309102298
Tuna Wrap10020001913
Breakfast Sandwich502000412
Original Burger American Cheese & Fries907500106
Garden Salad10306300389901620
Strawberry Banana Milkshake13051002224
Grilled Cheese Sourdough/tomato/cheddar Cheese6084100101945
Balsamic Dressing3441430038511
Kids Chocolate Shake2251180025526
Mocha Fudge Milkshake1200000000
Bbq Chicken Melt (Cheddar O17030002530
Original Cheeseburger With American Cheese82010001862422
the Works Scrambler310000601
Apple Pie Al A Mode450000000
Tuna Salad Sandwich on Wheat800000000
Route 66 W Turkey Patty5000001300
Kid’s Vanilla Shake6200000000
1/2 Bbq Bacon Chicken Melt17032102214
Rocket Single (No Bun No Onion No Sauce No Tomato)3750000000
Cheddar Cheese Hamburger Bunless193100004022
Grilled Chicken Club Salad With Ranch Dressing (Website)233640012223
Very Cherry Shake16014100636
Crispy Chicken Club Salad652281600801316
Smoke House Single!200000221
Smoke House Single1250000000
Strawberry Oreo Crumble Shake With Malt00000000
Grilled Chicken360720064912
Route 661390642802951182096
Bday Dinner (Bacon Chedder Double S.p Fries400000000
Rocket Double No Cheese19658129143321359182
Philly Cheese Steak2941400027822
Smokehouse Single4200000000
Streamliner (100% Soy Boca® Burger)35031008045
Rocket Double No Bun No Sauce No Onion Plus Fried Egg22853004593
Swiss Cheese5510001000
Seasoned Grilled Onions26030000057
Seasoned Grilled Mushrooms647103001031729
Orange Dreamsicle Shake3500000000
Chicken Melt10880000000
Chili Cheese Hot Dog With Onions and Bun (From Website)2000000000
French Toast With Bacon3511320026634
Beef Patty21760007032
Hamburger Bun10800002211
Original Burger (Beef Patty Onions & Bun Only)597162024595514
Grilled Cheese Sandwich253000100
Turkey Burger W/ Fried Egg (No Mayo Cheese or Sauce)1000000000
Route 66 (Turkey Patty No Mayo and Onion12053001325
Sweet Potato Fries148696604012801
#12 Cheeseburger3000000000
Eggs “my Way19090002302
Route 66 (No Bun Extra Beef Patty)3100000000
Cherry Flavor Shot12220004023
Bacon Cheddar Single350000800
Single Bacon Cheddar37650010657730
Grilled Chicken Club Salad (From Website)581201013516539
Garden Salad (No Cheese Italian Dressing)213200039410
Houston Burger Sub Boca and Wheat Bun5000001221
Black Forest Deluxe Shake11973002011
Boca Burger25024800107
Chili Bowl20016000820
Tuna Melt With Fries858100313
Route 663101110040618
Vegetarian Smoke House Single11000002006
Side Salad No Cheese Honey Mustard350000000
Philly Cheese Steak With Pepper Jack Cheese12072001013
Soy Boca Patty501000108
St. Louis21073006131
Rocket Single With Chicken Breast No Onion14920002837
Fried Egg (Ingredients/additions/substitutions)14040002754
Rocket Double805000722
Bacon Cheddar Single (No Tamato No Onions)123882100157102
Bacon Cheddar Single & Fries150000000
Route 66 Burger403620050434
#12 Standard Fixings With No Red Sauce and Add Bacon183114001020
Philly Cheese Steak W/ Grilled Peppers8101110695751397
America Fries372000042
Grilled Chicken Breast With Cheddar Cheese No Bun1800000000
the Original Turkey Burger W/secret Sauce (No Cheese)2000000000
Single Cheeseburger No Tomato7111001104
Route 66 Burger470195014059522
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Website)3771050055518
Vanilla Malt110688690056425
Grilled Chicken306730058513
Bacon Cheddar With Chicken3900000000
Smokehouse Single (No Onion Rings)386610619046039524345
Bacon Double Cheeseburger1003000000
Bacon Cheeseburger14092001421
Onion ring36730024150542
Chicken tenders150000000
Chocolate Banana Shake3000000000
Route 66 No Mayo80000000
the Original (No Mayo No Onion No Relish 1/2 Bun)1501000271110
Orange Dreamsicle Milkshake4102070017319
Crispy Chicken Club Salad W/ Ranch Dressing No Cheese640000000
Single No Bun16588002121
Grilled Chicken Sandwich No Bun No Mayo No Tomato Add Onion4582080046233
Chicken Club Sandwich7631710195841062
Bacon Cheddar Single (Per Website)10000000
Bacon Cheddar Single Hamburger262128010722515
Bacon Cheeseburger Single1191282002417663
American Cheese271422422023220202
Houston Burger From Johnny Rocket Website7821410013039891
Grilled Chicken Breast185200024218
Pepper Jack Cheese Slice5141010286721134
Peanut Butter Shake10000000
American Fries28031004716
Oreo Cookies and Cream Milkshake550000000
Cheddar Cheese (2 Slices)1203000000
Sourdough Bread120000201
Bbq Sauce6003310015357938
the Original With Sweet Potato Fries and Reg Fries14473001207
Houston (Vegetarian Boca Patty)388730062317