Hooters Nutrition

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Hooters restaurants are best known for their chicken wings, but now they’ve got a lot of different appetizers, sandwiches and steaks that you can order. Naturally their nutritional values vary, so a Hooter nutrition guide should prove useful for their guests.


  • Original 10 Piece Wings: 863 calories
  • Daytona Wings 10 Pieces: 863 calories
  • Fried Pickles: 571 calories
  • Buff Chick Sandwich: 1821 calories
  • Club Sandwich: 944 calories
  • Grilled Cheese: 677 calories
  • Buff Chicken Salad: 648 calories
  • Burger Sliders: 1379 calories
  • Quesadillas: 886 calories
  • Steak: 1164 calories
  • Chicken: 1143 calories
  • Cheese Sticks: 644 calories
  • Western BBQ Burger: 1350 calories
  • Texas Melt: 1279 calories

Healthy Eating Options

Most of the food items on Hooters are full of calories but some, like the Shrimp Salad, Snow Crab Legs and Baja Fish Tacos have less than 500 calories. Hooters chili soup has only 311 calories, while their New England Style Clam Chowder has 368 calories.

If you want more detailed information about Hooters nutrition please go to their official website.