Butterball Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Butterball Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Deli Oven Roasted White Turkey404g1.5g
Fresh Breakfast Sausage12012g10g
Ground Turkey – 85/1523019g17g
Whole Fresh Turkey Breast15024g6g
Deli Garlic & Herb Rotisserie Chicken6010g0.5g
Lower Sodium Turkey Bacon252g2g
Boneless Turkey Breast Roast – Cajun11017g2g
Deli Turkey Breast w/ 40% Less Sodium5011g1g
Smoked Turkey Dinner Sausage1008g6g
Original Turkey Bacon252g2g
Classic Boneless Turkey Breast – Ready to Roast11020g1g
Deli Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast5010g1g
Fresh Whole Turkey18022g10g
Whole Turkey17021g9g
Fresh All Natural Ground Turkey – 93/715022g8g
Fresh Ground Seasoned Turkey – 91/919020g10g
All Natural Turkey Breakfast Sausage Patty9010g5.5g
Fresh Turkey Wings38036g25g
Sweet Onion Seasoned Turkey Burger24031g11g
Deli Turkey Ham354g2g
Turkey Jerky – Spicy Thai Seasoned1109g5g
Hot Italian Turkey Sausage14016g8g
Deli Smoked Turkey Breast5010g1g
All Natural Uncured Smoked Turkey Sausage709g6g
Classic Whole Young Turkey – Ready to Roast17021g8g
Turkey Gravy15
Deli Deep Fried Turkey Breast5010g1g
Deli Inspirations – Honey Roasted Turkey Breast609g1g
Original Seasoned Turkey Burger24031g11g
Fresh Turkey Drumsticks17022g8g
Fresh Seasoned Italian Style Ground Turkey – 91/919020g10g
Fresh All Natural Ground Turkey – 95/1523019g17g
Deli Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey Breast5010g1g
Turkey Roast – White & Dark Meat15020g7g
Honey Turkey Snack Stick706g2.5g
Fresh Ground Turkey – 85/1523019g17g
Deli Golden Brown Turkey Breast5010g1g
Bone-In Turkey Breast – Ready to Roast17029g5g
Fully Cooked Smoked Turkey14017g7g
Deli Cajun Turkey Breast6010g1g
All Natural Turkey Burger15022g8g
All Natural 100% White Meat Turkey Burger18022g8g
All Natural Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links9011g5.5g
All Natural Turkey Meatballs19013g11g
Deli Oven Roasted Turkey Breast5010g1g
All Natural Turkey Tenderloins9021g1g
Fully Cooked Baked Turkey14017g7g
Fresh All Natural Ground Turkey – 98/212027g1g
Deli Buffalo Style Chicken Breast5010g0.5g
Seasoned Turkey Burger18021g10g
Whole Turkey Breast13022g5g
Boneless Turkey Breast Roast – Savory Herb15020g7g
All Natural Uncured Turkey Bacon456g2g
Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage14016g8g
Thin & Crispy Turkey Bacon w/ Low Sodium353g2.5g
Smoked Turkey Snack Stick708g4g
Turkey Jerky – Cracked Black Pepper909g2g
Deli Inspirations – Rotisserie Seasoned Turkey Breast609g1g
Fresh Li'l Butterball Turkey17021g9g
Deli Inspirations – Oven Roasted Turkey Breast509g1g
Smoked Turkey Triple Snack Sticks607g3.5g
Deli Turkey Bologna603g4.5g
Deli Oven Roasted Chicken5010g0.5g
Li'l Butterball Turkey17021g8g
Deli Honey Roasted Turkey Breast504g3g
Boneless Turkey Roast – Breast Meat15020g7g
Deli Turkey Pastrami8011g4g
Polska Kielbasa Turkey Dinner Sausage808g5.5g
Deli Mesquite Turkey Breast5010g1g
Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon303g2g

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