Burger 21 Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Burger 21 Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Orange Soda Float5008g17g
Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake, Small72018g41g
Rajun Cajun Sauce14015g
Kids' Salad with Grilled Chicken Meal62034g25g
Buffalo Chicken Burger51029g26g
Strawberry Shake, Small64012g29g
Ranch Dressing Sauce1301g13g
Buffalo Tender Basket56036g23g
Strawberry Shake, Regular74015g35g
Bananas Foster Shake, Small64011g29g
Vanilla Bean Shake, Small57013g30g
Strawberry Short Cake Shake, Regular88017g39g
Chicken Parmesan Burger with side of Tomato Sauce70042g34g
Burger 10145033g22g
Black & Bleu Chopped Salad with Ranch dressing70027g60g
Tex-Mex Haystack Burger66038g39g
Bananas Foster Shake, Regular82015g36g
Gorgonzola Cheese252g2g
Creme Brulee Shake, Regular78016g38g
The Skinny Turkey Burger48021g39g
Half & Half Fries, 1 lb Basket7907g36g
Kids' Turkey Burger Meal79031g34g
Strawberry Short Cake Shake, Small77014g34g
101 Dog60017g39g
Coca-Cola Float4408g17g
Provolone Cheese805g6g
Cheddar Cheese805g7g
Vanilla Bean Shake, Regular67016g36g
Cookie, Chocolate Chip3504g18g
Kids' Chocolate Shake48010g24g
Avocado Ranch Dressing2502g25g
Sweet Tea180
American Yellow Cheese704g6g
The Cobb Turkey Burger71031g44g
French Fries, 1 lb Basket81011g40g
Cheese & Ale Fries, 1 lb Basket100021g53g
Chocolate Malted Milk Ball Shake, Regular78017g37g
Super Burger Bowl with Tuna Patty30028g13g
Cookie, Double Chocolate Chip3504g18g
Sweet Potato Fries, Regular3201g14g
Turkey Chili, Cup1409g6g
Honey Mustard15013g
Your Cookie Sundae84013g40g
Fountain Drinks180
Kids' Chicken Tenders Meal38024g137g
Spicy Thai Shrimp Burger56029g25g
Apple Cider Sauce15014g
Super Burger Bowl with Turkey Patty48025g32g
Chicken Tender Basket52036g20g
The Sonoma Valley Salad with Grilled Chicken65023g42g
Chocolate Malted Milk Ball Shake, Small65014g31g
The Ahi Tuna Burger53030g27g
The OMG! Burger102077g63g
The Sonoma Valley Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette5507g40g
Smoked Gouda Cheese905g6g
Kiddie Sundae2405g10g
Kids' 2-pack Grilled Cheese Meal84025g36g
Key Lime Pie Shake, Small65013g34g
Cheesy Burger55038g30g
Chipotle Mayo16017g
Chocolate Shake, Small59013g30g
Toasted Marshmallow Sauce17018g
Kids' Cheesy Burger Meal86039g41g
Ybor City Double Espresso Shake, Regular71017g39g
BBQ Sauce50
Sweet Potato Fries, 1 lb Basket8404g36g
Monterey Jack Cheese805g6g
Chili Cheese Dog81028g53g
The Chopped Cobb Salad with Avocado63036g46g
Ranch Dressing2602g26g
Bacon Cheesy Slider 3-Pack82047g47g
Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette26024g
Black and Bleu Slider 3-Pack111050g76g
Cherry Soda Float5008g17g
Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake, Regular93025g55g
Cookie, Peanut Butter3606g20g
Thai Ketchup40
Buffalo Chicken Burger with side of Ranch Dressing64030g39g
Kids' Salad with Breaded Chicken Meal64034g31g
Rootbeer Float8008g17g
Turkey Chili, Bowl19013g8g
Kids' Vanilla Shake44010g24g
French Fries, Regular3104g15g
Cream Soda Float4908g17g
Super Burger Bowl with Veggie Patty29012g6g
Monterey Chicken Burger77037g51g
The Bacon Cheesy Burger60042g34g
White American Cheese603g5g
French Fries, Large4606g23g
Kids' Grilled Chicken Tenders Meal33023g122g
The Greek Veggie Burger3207g15g
Sweet Potato Fries, Large4802g21g
Black & Bleu Burger67040g42g
Super Burger Bowl with Black Bean Patty27024g14g
Cookies & Cream Shake, Small68014g34g
The Chopped Cobb Salad with Avocado Ranch Dressing59035g43g
The Cinco Burger58030g35g
Kids' Strawberry Shake4609g23g
Key Lime Pie Shake, Regular73015g39g
The Great Dane Dog79018g56g
The Philly Cheese Burger70041g42g
Honey Mustard Dressing32028g
Side Salad352g
Super Burger Bowl with Chicken Patty40026g25g
Chicken Parmesan Burger65041g32g
Black Bean Burger4408g27g
Chocolate Shake, Regular72016g35g
Super Burger Bowl with Beef Batty38032g22g
Cheese & Ale Sauce1407g9g
Cookies & Cream Shake, Regular82018g40g
BBQ Bacon61038g28g
Super Burger Bowl with Shrimp Patty34027g14g
Fontina Cheese1005g8g
Creme Brulee Shake, Small61012g32g
The Cheesy Slider 3-Pack73041g40g
Mediterranean Chicken Burger54028g30g
Kids' Hot Dog Meal78026g40g
Yellow Mustard201g1g
Ybor City Double Espresso Shake, Small61014g34g
Chicken Tender Sandwich40028g16g
Kids' Burger Meal79032g34g
Specialty Bottled Soda170
Swiss Cheese906g6g
The Shroom Burger66039g40g

Burger 21 Restaurant is a restaurant in South Mumbai where the menu is different from any other restaurant. The burgers here are different from the ordinary ones, and the taste of the burger is something that you will never forget.

We all know the famous burgers which are popular in the restaurants like KFC, Mcdonald’s, and so on. But, what makes Burger 21 different from all other restaurants is its menu. Burger 21 has a menu of just 21 burgers. The burgers are different and are unique in every sense. You will not find burgers like this anywhere else.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit Burger 21

1. Unique Menu

The menu is completely different from any other restaurant. You will find burgers like Big Burgers, Veggie Burgers, and so on. All the burgers are different and unique. The burgers are very tasty and you will love them.

2. Great Flavors

The burgers are flavored with great ingredients. The quality of ingredients is good and you will be able to taste the flavor of the burger. The taste of the burger is really good and you will love them.

3. The Variety

You will find burgers like American Burger, Big Burger, and so on. There is a variety of burgers, so you will never run out of options. You can try them all and choose the one that you like the most.

4. Excellent Service

The service is excellent, and you will be served quickly. The staff will take care of you and will make you feel comfortable. You will enjoy the atmosphere and the service.

5. Affordable Prices

You will find a wide range of burgers here. You can try them for just Rs. 200 and will love the taste of the burger. You will love the service and the food here.


If you are in Mumbai, then don’t miss the chance to visit Burger 21. You will love the burgers, and the food will keep you happy.