Bundle Organics Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bundle Organics Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Quinoa Cashew Mom-To-Be Bites1806g11g
Vanilla Bean Nursing Smoothie Mix11013g2g
Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Milk Boost Bites1706g9g
Chocolate Pregnancy Smoothie Mix11012g2g
Chocolate Raisin Mom-To-Be Bites1806g11g
Milk Thistle Milk Boost Tea
Raspberry Lemon Fertility Fizzy Drink Mix70
Raspberry White Chocolate Bump-Start Bites1805g10g
Lemon Ginger Pregnancy Fizzy Drink Mix60
Raspberry Ginger Bump-Start Tea
Rooibus Prenatal Heartburn Tea
Lemon Cardamom Milk Boost Tea
Peppermint Leaf Bump-Start Tea
White Chocolate Almond Milk Boost Bites1906g11g
Organic Citrus Ginger Prenatal Nausea Relief Tea
Citrus Medley Nursing Fizzy Drink Mix70

What is Bundle Organics Restaurant?

When you see a restaurant, you will instantly ask yourself where is the restaurant located? The answer is, “the location”, and it is the place where you can enjoy the food of your choice.

The food that you will find in the restaurants is delicious and tempting. Some of the restaurants serve delicious foods while others serve different cuisines and tastes.

Nowadays, there are many restaurants that are offering organic and gluten-free food. One of the names that are known for serving such kind of food is the restaurant called “Bundle Organics”.

Let’s now know more about this restaurant and what is the specialty of the restaurant.

The Restaurant Name

Bundle Organics is the name of a restaurant that was established in 2011. It is a new and trendy restaurant that is open in Australia. It is a place where you can eat organic and gluten-free food.

The Concept of the Restaurant

As the name suggests, the concept of the restaurant is very unique and innovative. It serves organic food and gluten-free food. It is a place that is very friendly and welcoming to everyone.

The Food

The main purpose of the restaurant is to provide its customers with organic food that is free from pesticides and other chemicals.

The organic food is prepared using the organic method. The ingredients used in the preparation of the food are natural and healthy.

The restaurant offers a wide range of food items that are healthy and nutritious. It offers gluten-free food items as well.

The Services and Offers

The restaurant has a huge number of services that include catering and delivery services. It is a place that provides services to the customers in a very convenient manner.

It has a huge variety of food items to choose from. You can order the food online or you can visit the restaurant and enjoy the food.

If you are a vegetarian, then you will also find a large variety of vegetarian dishes that are prepared using organic food.


If you are looking for a restaurant that serves organic and gluten-free food, then you can visit the restaurant called “Bundle Organics”. You will find a huge variety of food items that are very healthy and tasty.