Bullritos Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bullritos Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chips & Guacamole4303g30g
Sour Cream601g4.5g
Cilantro Lime Rice1703g3g
6 inch Corn Tortilla352g1g
Diced Tomatoes5
Charro Beans1408g0.5g
Pina Colada Bull-Rita10401g5g
Chips & Queso55015g39g
Strawberry Bull-Rita1000
Vanilla Ice Cream & Cone1102g
Fat Free Refried Beans1308g0.5g
Shredded Lettuce51g
Chili con Queso1608g13g
Chips & Habanero Tomatillo3202g
Spinach Tortilla33010g10g
Roasted Corn251g
Black Beans13014g1g
Bull-Rita, Strawberry1000
Crispy Taco Shells501g2g
Chips & Cilantro Ranch6302g54g
Lemonade, 24 oz4001g
Corn Tortilla501g
Grated Cheese17011g14g
12" Flour Tortilla33010g10g
Ground Beef20014g14g
Just Chips2902g18g
Pulled Pork13022g5g
Traditional Spanish Rice1803g6g
Flour Tortilla33010g10g
Arriba! Red Salsa15
Lime Bull-Rita1060
Whole Wheat Tortilla37011g11g
12" Spinach Tortilla33010g10g
12 inch Whole Wheat Tortilla37011g11g
Grilled Steak24033g12g
12 inch Spinach Tortilla33010g10g
6" Flour Tortilla903g2.5g
Sauteed Onions & Peppers250.5g
Lemonade, 16 oz270
Grilled Chicken22038g6g
Fresh Pico de Gallo151g
Mango Bull-Rita1000
Bull-Rita, Lime1060
Chips & Arriba! Red Salsa3602g18g
6" Corn Tortilla352g1g
Habanero Tomatillo15
Cilantro Ranch17018g
12" Whole Wheat Tortilla37011g11g
Carne Guisada32035g17g
6 inch Flour Tortilla903g2.5g
12 inch Flour Tortilla33010g10g
Chocolate Chip Cookie2303g12g

Benefits of Bullritos Restaurant

Do you know that there are so many restaurants that offer a variety of dishes? But if you ask me which one is the best and most famous, then I will say that Bullritos restaurant is the best place to eat.

Bullritos restaurant is a Mexican restaurant located in New York City and it was founded by two brothers who were from Mexico. They came to the United States of America to make their future brighter.

Today, the restaurant has become one of the most popular and famous restaurants in New York. The restaurant has many branches in the United States of America, but the restaurant is only available in New York.

The restaurant serves traditional Mexican dishes and food. But the specialty of the restaurant is the unique and delicious recipes. It has been known as one of the best Mexican restaurants in New York City.

Here are the benefits of Bullritos restaurant that make it the best.

It is the best place for families

If you are looking for a place where your family can enjoy their meal then you should visit the Bullritos restaurant. It is the best place for families to hang out. The restaurant offers delicious and varied food for the entire family.

You can take your kids to the restaurant and enjoy the meals.

It is the best place for the singles

There are a lot of bars and clubs that attract people, but if you are looking for a place where you can go for a romantic dinner or a date, then you should visit the Bullritos restaurant.

You can have a conversation with your date and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

It is the best place to eat the authentic Mexican dishes

When you visit the Bullritos restaurant, you will be able to taste the authentic Mexican dishes that are prepared by the chefs. You will be surprised to know that Bullritos restaurant has created its own recipes and they are really amazing.

You will not get bored of the same recipes.

It is the best place to spend your time

Bullritos restaurant offers different activities to the people, like cooking classes, music concerts, yoga classes, and the most important thing is the dancing class. You can dance the night away and enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant.

It is the best place to meet new people

You will be able to meet a lot of people while you are in the restaurant. You can make new friends and enjoy the moments.


If you are thinking of visiting the restaurant, then you should visit the restaurant because of all the benefits that you will get from the restaurant. You will be able to enjoy the best food, meet new people, and enjoy the evening with your friends and family.