Bubble Yum Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bubble Yum Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum25
Jolly Rancher Watermelon Bubble Gum25
Cotton Candy Bubble Gum25
Bubble Gum25

What is Bubble Yum Restaurant?

Have you ever heard of a bubble gum restaurant? It is a new concept that is being introduced by a big brand in the US. In this concept, customers are welcome to taste various types of food and drinks. The atmosphere and ambiance are also different from the usual restaurants.

If you are wondering what is bubble gum restaurant then let me explain to you in brief. First of all, you will have to go to the place where the concept was introduced. There are two types of restaurants, one is the normal one and the other one is a bubble gum restaurant.

The ambiance and the way of serving food are different in both places. In a bubble gum restaurant, everything is done in a different manner. The tables are round and the chairs are made of bubble gum. The walls are decorated with bubble gum, balloons, and other things.

The concept of a bubble gum restaurant is to create a comfortable and fun environment for the customers. So, it is not just a place for the kids, but for the whole family.

The best part of this concept is that you can get a variety of food and drink at affordable prices.

The ambiance and the decoration of the restaurant are very much attractive to the children. Kids will love to visit this restaurant and will want to come back again and again.

You will get all types of food, but you can choose any of them. You can also choose to eat at the table or you can sit on the chairs. You can choose anything and can enjoy the meal as per your choice.

Bubble gum restaurant is a new concept and not many people know about it. So, if you want to try it, then this is the right time to go there. If you want to eat something, then you can get the best quality food at affordable prices.


So, this is a brief introduction to bubble gum restaurant. It is a new concept that is gaining popularity in the US. If you are interested in trying this concept, then don’t forget to visit a bubble gum restaurant.