Bubba Burger Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bubba Burger Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Original Bratwurst41026g32g
Reduced Fat Beef Burger26021g19g
Italian Mild Sausage22012g18g
Grass Fed Beef Burger24021g17g
Sweet Onion Turkey Burger17019g10g
Angus Beef Burger43026g35g
Turkey Burger19022g11g
Italian Hot Sausage22012g18g
Sweet Onion Beef Burger34023g26g
Bubba Bacon Cheddar Beef Burger45026g38g
Original Beef Burger42025g35g
All Natural Beef Burger41020g33g
Monterey Jack Cheese Turkey Burger20023g12g
Veggie Burger1204g2.5g
Gourmet Beef Burger Sliders23015g19g
Jalapeno Beef Burger34020g29g

Why is Bubba Burger Restaurant Famous in the World?

Bubba Burger Restaurant is a famous burger restaurant, which is based in New York. The restaurant is famous for its delicious and unique burgers, which are served by the chefs, who are from different countries. There are more than 400 restaurants in the world, but only 2 of them are in the USA.

The name of this restaurant is very catchy because of the name of the chef. His name is Chef Robert Murphy. He is the owner of this restaurant and he is famous for his burgers. You can see him in the restaurant, but I don’t know whether he can answer your question that why is Bubba Burger famous in the world.

Bubba Burger Restaurant

Chef Robert Murphy is the founder of the restaurant. He is an American chef and he was born in the year 1978. He started working as a cook in a restaurant and worked for various restaurants in the USA. Then he moved to Canada and started working as a chef. After that, he came back to the USA and started working as a chef at the Bubba Burger.

In the year 2000, he came up with the idea to serve the best and most tasty burgers. He named it Bubba burger and sold his first burger in the year 2001. In the year 2002, he started working at the restaurant and he is still working as a head chef in the restaurant.

The menu of the restaurant is amazing and includes different types of burgers. They offer all kinds of hamburgers and they offer the best quality of meat. The taste of the food is simply irresistible and the people will surely love the food. They even have the signature burger of the restaurant, which is called the Big Bubba.

Bubba Burger is known for its signature burger, which is made of 100% ground beef. The burger has a special sauce, which is made from real bacon, and the taste of the burger is simply irresistible. The people in the restaurant are always hungry and they can’t wait to get a bite of the burger.


The restaurant is famous for its burgers and it is known for the quality of the meat. You will get to know the taste of the burger if you will visit the restaurant.