Brown Bag Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Brown Bag Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Parisian Sandwich54025g29g
Roma Sandwich64029g40g
Big Easy Noodles55016g12g
Pomodoro Noodles69037g20g
Coltrane Chicken Sandwich78052g40g
Portobello Sandwich56020g24g
Roasted Chicken Salad44035g19g
Barbeque Chicken Salad51028g30g
Left Bank Chicken Salad Sandwich43036g11g
Golden Gate Grill Sandwich70039g27g
N.Y. Reuben Sandwich66035g37g
Big Apple Turkey Sandwich69037g32g
Miss Mae's Cajub Cobb Salad51055g27g
Remember the Alamo Salad43054g12g
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich49033g19g
Bayou Chicken Caesar Salad27042g8g
North Beach Hero Sandwich53028g38g
Steakhouse Salad53029g34g
Love at 1st Bite Sandwich44029g14g
Thai Shrimp Salad33025g14g
Athena Salad2409g11g
Budella Noodles84029g27g
Voodoo Chicken Wrap69053g40g
Big Fat Greek Noodles73022g23g
Let's Go Clubbin' Wrap56036g22g
Chipotle Chicken Sandwich66043g37g

What is Brown Bag Restaurant?

Who hasn’t heard about the brown bag restaurant? It is an innovative and delicious way of dining. It is one of the popular food trends nowadays.

We can use it as a lunch or dinner and the best thing is that you can get your favorite meal without paying any money. It is really easy and affordable to get a meal at your home.

It is the most convenient way to have your meal, you just need to take a brown paper bag and you will be able to enjoy the delicious and scrumptious meals.

So, let’s see some of the benefits that you will get by using this brown-bag restaurant.

1. Convenience

Using brown bag restaurants is very convenient as you will not have to get into a messy car or worry about your kids. You will not need to prepare your own food, you can get it from the restaurant and you don’t need to cook or prepare anything. You will just need to pay the restaurant for your order.

2. Affordable

Brown bag restaurant is not only affordable but it is also the easiest way to save some money. You will not spend much if you are buying from a restaurant, because you will only need to buy the food and you can have a pleasant meal. You will not need to prepare anything and the price will be less.

3. Healthy

Brown bag restaurants are also very healthy as they provide the best and most delicious meals to their customers. You can choose the menu and the type of food you want to eat, the restaurant will provide all that and you will get a quick meal. You can also ask for any type of modification to the menu and they will provide that too.

4. Variety

The variety of the meal is one of the most amazing things about this brown-bag restaurant. You will get different types of foods such as pasta, chicken, pizza, sushi, burgers, and many more.

5. Cleaning

Another great thing about this brown-bag restaurant is that it is very clean. When you order food, you will have to clean the container in which you will be eating your food. But, when you use brown bag restaurants, you don’t need to clean the container and you will have the clean and fresh taste of your meal.


Brown bag restaurants are very beneficial as you will get the best and most delicious meals for a reasonable price. So, if you haven’t used this yet, then you should try this brown-bag restaurant