Broadway Pizza Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Broadway Pizza Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Small Thin20013g9g
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Medium NY28018g9g
Boneless Chicken Wings, Mango Habanero34020g19g
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Large NY38024g13g
Boneless Chicken Wings, Jamaican Jerk34020g19g
Bone-In Wing Sampler, Buffalo33018g27g
Bruschetta Pomodori48024g19g
Bone-In Chicken Wings, Chipotle BBQ29016g22g
Antipasto Salad without dressing97047g75g
Bone-In Chicken Wings, Honey Dijon29016g21g
Bone-In Wing Sampler, Plum36018g27g
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Medium Thin22015g10g
Bone-In Wing Sampler, Honey Dijon35018g27g
Bleu Cheese Dressing2201g23g
Bone-In Chicken Wings, Mango Habanero28016g21g
Boneless Wing Sampler, Mango Habanero40022g24g
Boneless Chicken Wings, Plum36020g19g
Boneless Chicken Wings, Chipotle BBQ35020g19g
Bacon Cheeseburger74055g41g
Baked Penne & Meatballs84044g34g
Basket of Fries3702g22g
Bone-In Chicken Wings, Jamaican Jerk28016g21g
Boneless Chicken Wings, Buffalo33020g19g
Baked Shrimp & Feta Pasta117070g52g
Bone-In Wing Sampler, Jamaican Jerk34018g27g
Bone-In Wing Sampler, Sweet & Sour34018g27g
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Large Thin29019g13g
Bone-In Chicken Wings, Buffalo27016g21g
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Small NY25016g8g
Boneless Chicken Wings, Honey Dijon35020g19g
Bone-In Wing Sampler33018g27g
Bone-In Wing Sampler, Chipotle BBQ35018g27g
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Small Deep Dish34020g10g
Broadway Lasagna115081g65g
Bone-In Chicken Wings, Sweet & Sour29016g22g
Boneless Wing Sampler39022g24g
BBQ Beef & Cheddar Hoagie95054g47g
Boneless Chicken Wings33020g19g
Bone-In Chicken Wings, Plum31016g22g
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Large Deep Dish53032g17g
Boneless Wing Sampler, Honey Dijon41022g24g
Bone-In Wing Sampler, Mango Habanero34018g27g
Boneless Wing Sampler, Plum42022g24g
Baked Chicken Spaghetti111068g27g
Bone-In Chicken Wings27016g21g
Boneless Wing Sampler, Jamaican Jerk40022g24g
Boneless Wing Sampler, Buffalo39022g24g
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Medium Deep Dish36022g12g
Boneless Chicken Wings, Sweet & Sour34020g19g
Boneless Wing Sampler, Chipotle BBQ41022g25g

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The restaurant is open 24 hours a day. The menu contains the best pizzas in the city. You can get different types of pizza. You can get a vegetarian pizza, meat pizza, and even gluten-free pizza.

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