Brisk Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Brisk Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Iced Tea & Cherry Limeade40
Fruit Punch Juice45
Peach Iced Tea70
Unsweetened Iced Tea
Diet Lemon Iced Tea
No Calorie Iced Green Tea w/ Peach
Iced Tea & Watermelon Lemonade45
Fruteria Watermelon Juice45
Strawberry Melon Iced Tea70
Sweet Iced Tea70
Fruteria Mango Juice45
Raspberry Iced Tea120
Iced Tea & Cherry Limeade Freeze180
Iced Tea & Blueberry Lemonade50
Tropical Mango Goji Strawberry Iced Tea70
Strawberry Melon Iced Tea Freeze100
Lemon Iced Tea110
Pink Lemonade45
Iced Tea & Lemonade60
Iced Tea & Tropical Lemonade50
Pineapple Passionfruit Iced Tea60
Mango Fiesta Iced Tea70
Iced Tea & Lemonade Freeze70

What is Brisk Restaurant?

The brisk restaurant is a food chain that has been launched in 2015 and now it has many branches in Hyderabad. It is one of the famous restaurants in Hyderabad and people come here for their food because of its delicious dishes.

It is known for its healthy food that is prepared under the supervision of experts. There are some special dishes that are unique in this restaurant like Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka Masala, and much more.

If you are planning to visit Brisk restaurant for your favorite dishes then you can easily find the branch of this restaurant in Hyderabad.

Things to know before visiting Brisk restaurant

The brisk restaurant offers different dishes to their customers. So, you need to choose the right dishes according to your taste and need.

You can ask the staff members of this restaurant for the menu and they will give you the details. They will also guide you on how to order the food.

The menu of this restaurant is changed on a regular basis, so you can’t rely on the menu that is given on the website.

The brisk restaurant is available at various locations in Hyderabad and you can easily find it in the malls and markets.


The brisk restaurant is a great place to enjoy your favorite dishes and it is not just for the Hyderabadi people but also for people of all age groups. So, you should definitely visit this restaurant and try the different dishes.