Brad’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Brad’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Kale Veggie Chips502g1g
Naked Crunchy Kale Chips1325g9g
Nacho Crunchy Kale Chips1325g9g
Red Bell Veggie Chips603g1.5g
Original w/ Probiotics Crunchy Kale Chips1505g10g
Ranch w/ Probiotics Crunchy Kale Chips1507g10g
Vampire Killer Crunchy Kale Chips1215g7g
Cheddar Veggie Chips502g2g
Sweet Potato Veggie Chips702g1.5g

What Is Brad’s Restaurant?

Brad’s Restaurant is a fast-food restaurant that provides quality food at reasonable prices. It was opened in 2003 and it is now operating in New York City. The restaurant is very popular among the people and it is known as one of the best fast-food restaurants in the whole US.

There are many people who don’t know the meaning of the name Brad’s Restaurant. So, let me tell you that Brad is the person who owns this restaurant. He is a famous restaurateur who has been serving different types of cuisines to people.

His specialty is serving healthy food and he is also famous for his fresh ingredients. Not only this, but Brad’s Restaurant also provides home-cooked food which is prepared by his family. He is a celebrity chef who makes sure that his food is served fresh and cooked in a healthy way.

Brad’s Restaurant is the place where everyone can go to have a good time and enjoy their food. Here are some of the best food items available at Brad’s Restaurant.


The menu is filled with vegetarian dishes that are very healthy. People can enjoy the food prepared by Brad and his team of chefs. There are many dishes that are made with vegetables and it is mostly served as a side dish.

Vegetarian dishes include dishes that are made with rice and other vegetables. Some of the dishes include green beans, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and the list goes on.

People can enjoy their meals with the help of a fork and knife. It is a very quick and healthy meal.


The dishes offered at Brad’s Restaurant are made with Indian spices and herbs. The menu is packed with a variety of Indian dishes like mutton, chicken, fish, and vegetable. The dishes are mostly vegetarian and they are prepared with a great combination of spices.

You will get to taste the Indian classics that include the tandoori dishes and curries. Some of the dishes include the dal, paneer, aloo gobi, mussalam, and many more.


The menu is filled with a variety of chicken dishes. There are many chicken dishes that can be ordered in this restaurant. They are prepared in a healthy way and people can easily enjoy the food.

Chicken dishes include the dishes like chicken curry, chicken karahi, chicken biryani, chicken biryanis, and many more.

The food is prepared with fresh ingredients and it is always cooked properly. You will get the taste of real chicken in every dish.


Brad’s Restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. People can enjoy the food and the dishes are prepared in a healthy way. The dishes include the dishes that are made with eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, and the list goes on.

You will get to taste the delicious food made with all-natural ingredients and it is always prepared in a healthy way.


People can enjoy the pizza at Brad’s Restaurant. They can enjoy the taste of the pizza with the help of a fork and knife. The menu includes special pizzas and you can enjoy the food with friends and family.

The pizzas are cooked with great care and the ingredients are fresh. It is the best place to enjoy your food. You can also enjoy a range of drinks and desserts here.

Healthy Food

Brad’s Restaurant is one of the best fast-food restaurants that offer healthy food. The dishes are prepared with the best ingredients that are fresh and natural. You can order the meals from the menu and enjoy your food.


If you want to enjoy your food and not feel tired then you can visit this restaurant. They have the best staffs that will make you feel comfortable and make your food taste amazing. If you want to visit this restaurant then you can visit their website and order the meals.