Boston Market Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Boston Market Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Mashed Potatoes w/ Beef Gravy2505g10g
Carver's Cuts Grilled Chicken, Herb-Seasoned35037g13g
White Chicken (Kids) - 1 Breast & 1 Wing27043g11g
At Home – Chicken Pot Pie45010g30g
Holiday Whole Turkey13017g7g
At Home – Smothered Turkey44028g12g
Caesar Salad, Entrée48036g29g
Herb-Seasoned Grilled Chicken, Carver's Cut35037g13g
Holiday Crackers501g1g
Home Style Meatloaf Bowl68025g36g
Mashed Potatoes2405g10g
Pecan Pie (Limited Availability)7207g42g
Pulled BBQ Chicken Carver Sandwich74052g29g
Sesame Three Piece Dark Chicken (2 Thigh, 1 Drum)52044g30g
Holiday Sweet Corn1403g7g
At Home – Beef Pot Roast34022g9g
Rotisserie Prime Rib79058g50g
Salisbury Steak, Gravy with Mac & Cheese52024g30g
Rotisserie Chicken Bowl50034g15g
Pumpkin Pie - Slice (Seasonal)4406g23g
Rotisserie Chicken & Southwest Rice Bowl35016g12g
Chicken Noodle Soup24016g9g
Holiday Apple Pie5604g32g
Tortilla Crusted Fish Fillet51017g18g
Ranch Dressing2001g20g
Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken76072g27g
Honey Balsamic Basil Three Piece Dark (2 Drumsticks, 1 Thigh)46038g30g
Rotisserie Chicken - Quarter Dark (1 Thigh & 1 Drumstick)23027g13g
Parmesan Rotisserie Half Chicken59073g28g
Holiday Spinach Artichoke Dip452g3.5g
Poultry Gravy10
Sweet Potato Casserole4303g12g
Holiday Pumpkin Pie3807g15g
Roasted Turkey Carver87042g45g
Fresh Steamed Vegetables, Kids401g2.5g
Chipotle Ranch Dressing2902g29g
Turkey Breast Medallions24020g5g
Holiday Mashed Potatoes2104g8g
Parmesan Rotisserie Chicken75076g31g
Carrot Cake - Slice7305g35g
Rotisserie Turkey Breast Bowl33025g13g
Chicken Pot Pie4709g34g
At Home – Cheese Manicotti40017g14g
Cinnamon Apple Cobbler - Slice5405g18g
Meatloaf - Large68047g39g
Green Beans, Kid's Side501g3g
Dark Chicken (Kids) - 1 Thigh & 1 Drumstick23027g13g
At Home – Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo & Broccoli40026g14g
Rotisserie Chicken - Three Piece Dark (2 Drum, 1 Thigh)30037g16g
Oven Crispy Chicken Breast23033g6g
Chocolate Cake - Slice5605g32g
At Home – Country Fried Beef Steak52019g29g
Caesar Side Salad3109g24g
Home Style Meals, Beef Pot Roast33020g10g
Roasted Garlic & Herb Quarter White42045g22g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie - Single3704g17g
Peach Cobbler - 1 Slice5405g18g
Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoes, Kid's Side1303g5g
Meatloaf - Regular45031g26g
Southwest Cobb Salad76043g53g
Squash Casserole2409g15g
Holiday Creamed Spinach1607g12g
Chicken Parmesan47021g13g
Rotisserie Chicken Carver Half49026g27g
Home Sytle Meals, Oven Roasted Chicken26022g6g
Macaroni and Cheese (Kids)2209g8g
At Home – Swedish Meatballs57027g26g
Holiday Vegetable Stuffing2204g10g
Mashed Potatoes, Kid's Side1303g5g
House Side Salad2004g16g
Green Beans901g5g
Holiday Boneless Ham14013g3g
Honey Balsamic Basil Three Piece Dark (2 Thighs, 1 Drumstick)55044g36g
Caesar Dressing1803g18g
Honey Balsamic Basil Quarter White Chicken43044g24g
Mediterranean Salad, Entrée51035g34g
Rotisserie Chicken and BBQ Ribs (Quarter White Chicken and Quarter Rack Ribs)27043g11g
Vegetarian Sandwich (catering only)95028g63g
Southwest Chicken Carver Half56028g33g
Zesty Barbecue (mild)40
Macaroni and Cheese, Kid's Side1506g5g
Creamy Garlic Three Piece Dark (2 Thigh, 1 Drumstick)44045g26g
Chicken Caesar Salad77049g51g
At Home – Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Casserole45026g14g
Rotisserie Chicken Carver Sandwich74048g33g
Roasted Turkey Carver Half48023g28g
Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Casserole45026g14g
Apple Pie - Slice4403g21g
Rotisserie Prime Rib with Beef Au Jus and Horseradish69056g50g
Parmesan Rotisserie Quarter Dark (1 Thigh, 2 Drumsticks)40041g21g
Baby Back Ribs, Full Order1870138g117g
Meatloaf Carver91048g35g
At Home – Chicken Parmesan50023g13g
Baby Back Ribs, 1/2 Order102070g60g
Holiday Cornbread1602g3g
Chicken Salad Carver Half43019g26g
Caesar Salad43034g28g
Cranberry Walnut Relish1401g2g
At Home – Sweet & Sour Chicken58019g16g
Cinnamon Apples, Kids1502g
Holiday Gravy10
Creamy Garlic Half Chicken55072g27g
Bacon Brussel Sprouts2407g15g
Beef Gravy10
Honey Habanero (medium hot)60
At Home – Turkey Breast Medallions24021g5g
At Home – Salisbury Steak54026g31g
Salisbury Steak Sa With Mac & Cheesevory Gravy52024g30g
Carver's Cuts, Roundhouse Beef Meatloaf52022g27g
Chocolate Cake5705g33g
At Home – Beef Steak & Pasta47030g14g
Garlic Dill New Potatoes, Kid's Side601g1g
Turkey Breast - Large23042g6g
Chicken Salad Carver87038g51g
Macaroni & Cheese27012g9g
Southwest Chicken Carver111057g65g
Holiday Cranberry Walnut Relish601g
Oven Crisp Chicken Sandwich (limited availability)77045g30g
Beef Au Jus10
Turkey (Kids)8015g2.5g
Roasted Garlic Chicken81074g38g
Creamy Garlic Quarter White Chicken32045g14g
Turkey Breast - Regular16030g4.5g
Creamy Garlic Three Piece Dark (2 Drumsticks, 1 Thigh)35039g20g
Home Style Meals, Smothered Turkey44028g12g
Chocolate Brownie3405g14g
Cinnamon Apples2503.5g
Beef Bowl with Seasoned Red Potatoes32017g16g
Creamed Spinach2508g20g
Parmesan Rotisserie Quarter White Chicken37046g15g
Chicken Tortilla Soup31017g19g
Rotisserie Chicken Carver98052g53g
Roasted Garlic & Herb Quarter Dark (2 Thighs, 1 Drumstick)54046g34g
Holiday Sweet Potato Casserole3903g10g
Garlic Dill New Potatoes1102g2g
Rotisserie Chicken - Three Piece Dark (2 Thigh, 1 Drum)39043g23g
Pecan Pie - Slice (Limited Availability)6406g35g
Turkey Pot Pie87030g41g
Turkey Breast39044g10g
Fresh Steamed Vegetables602g3.5g
Pumpkin Pie3807g15g
Fresh Vegetable Stuffing2204g10g
Rotisserie Chicken - Quarter White27043g11g
Sesame Three Piece Dark Chicken (2 Drum, 1 Thigh)43038g23g
Carver's Cut Coutry Fried Chicken46023g23g
Parmesan Rotisserie Quarter Dark (2 Thighs, 1 Drumstick)49047g28g
Macaroni and Cheese27012g9g
Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie91031g45g
Creamed Spinach, kids1404g11g
Country Fried Beef Steak49018g27g
At Home – Boneless Pork Rib64024g35g
Pulled Chicken Bowl With Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce49032g21g
Roasted Turkey Carver Sandwich82044g45g
Oven Crisp Chicken Wrap (limited availability)95048g52g
Meatloaf (Kids)23016g13g
BBQ Chicken Bowl57020g20g
St. Louis Style Ribs102044g67g
Home Style Meals, Chicken Marsala37021g9g
Chicken Avocado Club Half56028g33g
1/2 Order Baby Back Ribs & 1/4 Rotisserie Chicken1280113g71g
Pulled BBQ Chicken75054g23g
Southwest Cobb Side Salad2705g23g
Chicken Wrap (limited availability)85042g47g
Mediterranean Chicken Carver62042g16g
Holiday Sweet Duchess Yeast Roll1203g2g
Home Style Meals, Beef Steak & Pasta38027g9g
Swedish Meatballs52026g22g
Carver's Cut Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork48029g17g
Roasted Garlic & Herb Half Chicken65072g35g
Holiday Turkey Breast14024g4g
Apple Pie4303g21g
All-White Chicken Salad91032g53g
Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoes2405g9g
Chicken Salad Carver Sandwich84036g48g
At Home – Chicken Marsala37021g9g
Honey Balsamic Basil Half Chicken66071g37g
Chicken Avocado Club111056g66g
Rotisserie Chicken - Quarter White, Skinless21040g5g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie3704g18g
Rotisserie Turkey Bowl55026g21g
Holiday Spiral Ham1008g6g
Sesame Quarter White Chicken40043g17g
Holiday Pecan Pie7207g42g
Carrot Cake7305g35g
Roasted Garlic & Herb Quarter Dark (1 Thigh, 2 Drumsticks)45040g27g
Mixed Berry Cobbler6005g7g
Chicken Tortilla Soup (limited availability)32020g18g
Meatloaf Carver Sandwich97046g49g
Chicken Noodle Soup, kids907g3g
Sesame Half Chicken63070g30g
Mashed Potatoes w/ Poultry Gravy2505g10g
Southwest Santa Fe Salad50036g29g
Breaded White Meat Chicken & Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, Chicken Parmesan42020g11g
At Home – Turkey Breast Medallions w/ Stuffing36026g7g
Rosemary Lemon Chicken80072g40g
Holiday Macaroni and Cheese1908g6g
At Home – Meatloaf w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy44019g23g
Bacon Brussels Sprouts3107g31g
Holiday Fresh Steamed Vegetables502g3g
Rotisserie Chicken - Half Chicken50070g24g
Meatloaf Mac & Cheese Bowl76039g39g
Rotisserie Chicken66072g27g
Turkey Tortilla Soup29017g17g

What is Boston Market Restaurant?

The American chain of restaurants is known for its signature food and has a lot of branches all over the country. They have many restaurants that are famous for their chicken products. If you want to know what is Boston Market Restaurant, then this post will help you to understand what is Boston Market Restaurant.

Boston Market was founded by the family of Daniel Boulud in New York and now it has a lot of restaurants all over the United States.

There are different types of products that are used in the restaurant and they are known for their unique and delicious dishes. The most famous dish is chicken which is one of the reasons why the restaurant is called Boston Market.

The chicken is cooked to perfection and the restaurant is famous for its mouth-watering chicken dishes. The menu consists of various dishes like chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken fingers, and more.

The restaurant is one of the most famous for its chicken products. If you are looking for the best chicken restaurant, then you must visit the Boston Market.

Boston Market has a huge chain of restaurants all over the country.


I hope you have understood what is Boston Market Restaurant. There are a lot of restaurants that are famous for their chicken products but if you want to know what is Boston Market Restaurant, then you must read this post.