Boomerang’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Boomerang’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chicken & Mushroom Pie32010g9g
Beef Shepherd's Pie25016g11g
Pepperoni Pie45014g22g
Chicken Shepherd's Pie20016g6g
Spinach & Mushroom Pie3308g12g
Southwest Chicken Pie36011g12g
Veggie Pie3207g9g
Traditional Beef Aussie Pie36015g13g
Mac & Cheese Pie48012g23g
Steak & Potato Pie35010g10g
Classic Chicken Pie33012g10g

What is Boomerang’s Restaurant?

Boomerang’s is a new restaurant that was opened by Nachiket Tilani in Pune. It is not a normal restaurant; you will not find any menu card, but you can choose what you want to eat from the buffet table.

The owner of the restaurant says that it will give a new experience to everyone who visits their restaurant. You will not get a regular menu, but instead you will get a buffet table where you can eat whatever you want. You will not be served by waiters instead, you will get an automated system where you can order your food from the app.

The main idea of the restaurant is to serve you a variety of dishes from different cuisines. People say that this is the first time when a restaurant has introduced a system like this and no one has done it before. The concept is new, but I think it is a good one. It gives a different experience to the people who visit the restaurant.

I have heard that this restaurant is very popular in Pune and there are many people who have visited it. One thing that is good about this restaurant is that the prices are not high and you can get a lot of food at a reasonable price. You will get a variety of dishes like bread, vegetables, pasta, sandwiches, etc.


It is a new concept for the people of Pune, but I think it is a great idea. People are getting attracted to the restaurant and it is getting famous day by day. I think it is the best concept for a restaurant.