Boloco Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Boloco Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Tikka Masala Bowl, Mini1402g8g
Pork Carnitas27024g18g
Fajita Veggies, Small10010g
New England Harvest68023g44g
Pork Carnitas, Mini807g5g
Pork Carnitas Original21019g14g
Buffalo Bowl, Small3103g20g
Caesar Burrito1103g8g
Bacon Egg & Cheese, Big124048g113g
Mediterranean Burrito1903g16g
Classic Bowl, Mini1807g7g
New England Harvest Burrito1806g10g
Huevos Rancheros, Mini16010g11g
Tofu, Mini453g3g
Bacon Egg & Cheese, Mini2109g18g
10" Flour Tortilla1806g4g
Nutella Shake, Mini29010g4.5g
Chicken Dark, Small16016g9g
Steak, Original16016g10g
Chicken Dark, Mini11011g6g
Huevos Rancheros, Big73047g51g
Berry Blitz Soothie, Mini1001g0.5g
New England Harvest Bowl, Originalinal49017g30g
Tortilla, Flour 10 inch1806g4g
Jimmy Carter Shake, Small60025g27g
Caesar Salad Bowl, Original74015g64g
Tortilla, Wheat 8 inch1504g4.5g
Summer Bowl, Small33012g14g
Cajun Burrito1304g3g
Cajun Bowl, Small3408g9g
Classic Burrito86034g33g
Chicken Breast30040g10g
Caesar Salad Bowl, Mini5506g55g
Tikka Masala Bowl, Big87016g39g
Chix and Cheese50030g25g
Huevos Chorizo, Big110064g88g
Huevos Chorizo, Original79046g64g
Bangkok Thai Bowl, Original47011g19g
Buffalo Bowl, Mini1602g10g
8" Flour Tortilla1404g4g
Kale Cobb Burrito27012g24g
Steak, Big35035g23g
Cajun Bowl, Mini1804g5g
Teriyaki Bowl, Mini1202g2g
Bangkok Thai Bowl, Big77019g33g
Bangkok Thai Burrito1203g4g
Chicken Dark, Big30040g10g
Dark Chicken30040g10g
Tortilla, Wheat 10 inch1806g4g
Summer Bowl, Original55020g24g
Huevos Chorizo34024g22g
Teriyaki Bowl, Big60010g11g
Steak, Mini25025g16g
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Burrito124048g113g
Mango Passion Smoothie2802g
Egg and Cheese19017g10g
Huevos Chorizo, Small47027g38g
Cajun Bowl, Original59013g18g
Tikka Masala Burrito1101g6g
Mediterranean Bowl Bowl, Big78017g71g
12" Wheat Tortilla2408g5g
Classic Mexican Burrito1405g5g
Egg & Cheese, Small25017g19g
The Summer Burrito1606g5g
Truck Stop, Mini23010g18g
Egg & Cheese Burrito45030g34g
Teriyaki Bowl, Small2405g5g
Jimmy Carter Shake, Original89036g40g
Classic Bowl, Small35014g14g
Jimmy Carter Milkshake35014g9g
Soy Berry Shake, Mini1405g2.5g
Egg & Cheese, Big74048g56g
Berry Blitz Soothie, Small2103g1g
8" Wheat Tortilla1504g4.5g
Huevos Chorizo Burrito79046g64g
Mediterranean Bowl Bowl, Small3206g29g
Fajita Veggies25025g
Strawbana Shake, Small2604g0.5g
Soy Berry Shake, Small2609g4.5g
Huevos Ranchero Burrito73047g51g
Chicken Dark, Original25025g14g
Huevos Rancheros, Small30019g20g
Strawbana Shake, Original3606g0.5g
Tikka Masala Bowl, Small2805g15g
Bacon Egg & Cheese, Small38017g34g
Buffalo Burrito1802g14g
Nutella Shake, Original73022g19g
Truck Stop, Small45018g34g
Buffalo Bowl, Big7409g46g
Tofu, Small907g7g
Huevos Chorizo, Mini25014g20g
Bangkok Thai Bowl, Mini1404g6g
Nutella Shake29010g4.5g
Mediterranean Bowl78017g71g
Soy Berry Shake1103g2g
Strawbana Shake, Mini1402g
Mediterranean Bowl Bowl, Original55012g49g
Tofu, Original15012g12g
Tortilla, Flour 12 inch2508g5g
Huevos Rancheros, Original53034g35g
Chocolate Chip Cookie3603g18g
Truck Stop, Original80032g63g
Summer Bowl, Mini1706g7g
Fajita Veggies, Original18018g
Chicken Breast, Big30040g10g
Truck Stop34022g13g
Summer Burrito80028g33g
Caesar Salad53015g41g
Egg & Cheese, Original45030g34g
Huevos Rancheros17013g7g
Tikka Masala Bowl, Original4708g25g
Mango Passion1501g
Buffalo Bowl, Original6708g43g
Steak and Cheese53029g28g
Teriyaki Bowl, Original4308g8g
Bacon, Egg & Cheese23020g13g
Pork Carnitas Small16014g11g
12" Flour Tortilla2508g5g
Mediterranean Bowl Bowl, Mini1603g14g
Summer Bowl, Big80028g33g
Classic Bowl, Big86034g33g
Berry Blitz1501g1g
Tortilla, Wheat 12 inch2408g5g
Fajita Veggies, Big25025g
Chicken Breast, Small14018g5g
Berry Blitz Soothie, Original3305g2g
Truck Stop, Big129046g107g
Steak, Small11011g7g
Truck Stop Burrito129046g107g
Nutella Milkshake39012g4g
New England Harvest Bowl, Big68023g44g
10" Wheat Tortilla1808g4g
Chicken Breast, Mini9012g3g
Soy Berry Shake, Original41013g7g
Fajita Veggies, Mini404g
Strawbana Shake1402g
Caesar Salad Bowl, Big53015g41g
New England Harvest Bowl, Mini1806g10g
Nutella Shake, Small48016g9g
Egg & Cheese, Mini1409g11g
Cajun Bowl, Big91021g24g
Bangkok Thai Bowl, Small2707g10g
Chicken Breast, Original21028g7g
Pork Carnitas, Big27024g18g
Bacon Egg & Cheese, Original71030g63g
Tofu, Big23018g18g
Caesar Salad Bowl, Small6309g58g
Jimmy Carter Shake32013g13g
Teriyaki Burrito1002g1g
Tortilla, Flour 8 inch1404g3.5g
Jimmy Carter Shake, Mini32013g13g
Classic Bowl, Original58023g24g
Berry Blitz Smoothie1001g0.5g
New England Harvest Bowl, Small31010g18g

What is Boloco Restaurant?

Boloco Restaurant is a new and innovative restaurant concept that is available for those who are craving a delicious and healthy meal. As the name suggests, the restaurant is designed to provide the best food in a healthy manner.

The concept of the restaurant was created by a team of nutritionists and chefs. The idea was to provide the best meal to people in a healthy manner. Therefore, the food served in this restaurant is very different from others.

Boloco is an acronym for ‘Bacon, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato’. This name was chosen to represent the five ingredients that are used to prepare the food.

In this restaurant, you will find a variety of dishes that will keep you happy and satisfied. The menu includes various dishes like salad, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and many more.

Some of the popular dishes include the chicken sandwich, the turkey wrap, and the grilled cheese. The salads include the spinach salad, the garden salad, and the potato salad.

The sandwiches include the chicken sandwich, the turkey sandwich, and the egg and cheese sandwich. Other popular options include salmon, tuna, and vegetarian sandwiches. The wraps are made of bread and fillings like the chicken wrap, the quinoa wrap, the chicken wrap, and many more.

The burgers include the turkey burger, the chicken burger, and the beef burger. Other options include the breakfast burger, the cheeseburger, and the bacon burger.

For the customers, the food is priced very reasonably and this is the main reason why the restaurant has become so popular.

Who says that the food served in this restaurant is only limited to burgers? This is because the chef of the restaurant wants to make sure that everyone has a full and satisfying meal.

The meals can be ordered at any time of the day. Moreover, the staff will deliver the food to the customer within a few minutes.

Therefore, this is the place where you can enjoy a tasty and healthy meal.


The food served in this restaurant is really amazing. Therefore, if you want to try something different then you should visit the Boloco restaurant.