Body Fortress Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Body Fortress Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Super Advanced Isolate Protein – Chocolate14030g1g
Super Advanced Energy Protein13020g2.5g
Super Advanced Whey Protein – Chocolate20030g3.5g
Creatine Hydrochloride
Super Advanced Mass Gainer – Chocolate52020g5g
Super Advanced Whey Protein – Cookies N' Cream20030g3.5g
Amino Blast45
Super Advanced Whey Protein – Vanilla20030g3.5g
Super Advanced Creatine70
Super Advanced Whey Protein – Chocolate Peanut Butter20030g3.5g
Super Advanced Mass Gainer – Vanilla52020g5g
100% Pure Glutamine Power20
Super Advanced Isolate Protein – Vanilla14030g1g
Super Advanced Whey Protein – Cinnamon Swirl20030g3.5g
Shred Igniter25
Super Advanced Whey Protein – Banana Creme20030g3.5g
NOS Blast45
Super Advanced Whey Protein – Strawberry20030g3.5g

What is Body Fortress Restaurant?

Body fortress is a restaurant in Kolkata, West Bengal, India which is dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious food. It was founded by a father and mother who love to provide healthy food to the people of the city.

It is located in south Kolkata, in the neighborhood of Sealdah. The main focus of this restaurant is to provide the people with a proper diet and healthy food. They believe in providing fresh and organic food to the customers.

The first thing that attracts people to this restaurant is the delicious food. The menu includes a variety of dishes like salad, fish, rice, meat, vegetarian dishes, etc. They use the most natural ingredients and the food is prepared in the best possible manner.

They have a very simple and clean environment, which makes it more suitable for families. People have a very friendly and welcoming vibe in this restaurant.

How much does it cost?

The price of the food depends upon the type of dish you choose. It ranges between Rs. 100 to Rs. 400. So, you can enjoy the food without any trouble.

The food is served in a buffet style. You can order the food as per your choice, which will be delivered to your table. If you are looking for a special menu then you can order it and it will be delivered to your table.

Can I make any changes to my order?

Yes, you can make any change in the order. You can ask for a change in the type of dish or you can ask for a substitute dish. You can even request the chef to prepare something different.

What kind of services do they offer?

Apart from the healthy and nutritious food, you can also enjoy the amazing ambiance of the restaurant. They have a separate area for the kids and they offer a children’s menu.

They also offer a special lunch menu. You can choose from a range of dishes and they will deliver them to your table.


Body fortress is a great restaurant in the city of Kolkata. It provides people with healthy and nutritious food. It is a perfect place to spend your leisure time. If you are searching for a restaurant where you can enjoy the food and stay healthy at the same time then this is the place for you.