Blueprint Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Blueprint Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Lime Kick Juice1300.5g
Ginger Maple Vinegar Tonic40
Watercress Warrior Juice604g1g
Rocket Launch Juice1303g1.5g
Look Alive Superboost Shot200.5g
Kale It Up Juice1103g1g
Apple Ginger Go Juice2200.5g1g
Beet Blast Juice2002g
Stay Golden Juice2003g0.5g
Nut & Bolt Juice3207g22g
Rise & Shine Superboost Shot40
Let It Glow Superboost Shot30
Lemon Reset Juice90
Turmeric Vinegar Tonic35
Jalapeno Refresh Juice803g
Pineapple Power Juice2002g
Blueberry Hibiscus Vinegar Tonic45

Blueprint Restaurant: Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Korean Restaurant

Blueprint Restaurant is a popular chain restaurant that has a huge number of branches in Korea. Now, the trend of Korean food is spreading around the whole world. Even if you are not interested in Korean food, but you need to learn something about the famous Korean cuisine, then this post will help you to get the complete information about the Blueprint Restaurant.

What is Blueprint Restaurant?

The concept of Blueprint Restaurant was started by the Korean food blogger Kim Seung Woo who wanted to spread authentic Korean food. He opened the first branch of the restaurant in Seoul in 2006, and now there are around 30 branches in the country.

In the restaurant, you will find many delicious dishes that are prepared by Korean chefs, and the menu consists of all the Korean dishes.

There is a great variety of dishes in the restaurant, and the main focus is on traditional Korean food, but you can also find Japanese, Thai, and Italian dishes in the restaurant.

What makes the Blueprint Restaurant special?

If you are a food lover and you need to try authentic Korean cuisine, then you need to visit the Blueprint Restaurant. Not only the food but the atmosphere and the service are also unique.

If you want to try real Korean food, then you need to visit the restaurant and enjoy the taste of the food.

The price of the dishes in the restaurant is not expensive, and it is affordable to most people.

The restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy the nightlife with your friends.

The most amazing thing about the restaurant is that it provides a complete experience of Korean culture and authentic Korean food.


Blueprint Restaurant is the best place to get authentic Korean food and the perfect place to hang out with your friends.