Blue Moon Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Blue Moon Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Belgian White Ale1703g
Cinnamon Horchata Ale1751.2g
Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout1961.8g
Chai Spiced Ale1861.8g
Mango Wheat Beer1752.1g
First Peach Ale1791.9g
Cocoa Brown Ale1881.9g
Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale1851g
LightSky Citrus Wheat Beer951.1g
Summer Honey Wheat Beer1531.4g
Belgian Pilsner1441.9g

Blue Moon Restaurant Review

Who doesn’t like the new age restaurants where you can enjoy the meals and drinks? You can find a variety of restaurants around you and the number of restaurants is increasing day by day. The reason behind the growth of restaurants is the increase in the demand for food.

If you want to know what is Blue Moon Restaurant then you must read this article and find the best Blue Moon Restaurant in your city.

Blue moon is one of the best restaurant chains which provides excellent service to the customers. They serve the customers the best food, drinks, and atmosphere. Blue Moon has a wide range of food and beverages that include burgers, pizza, salads, sandwiches, and a lot more.

The unique and fun ambiance makes the place more exciting and interesting for the customers. With the various dishes and drinks available at Blue Moon, you will never feel hungry or thirsty.

The place offers a wide range of cocktails and drinks. You will find everything that you are looking for. From refreshing drinks to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, you will surely find everything in Blue Moon.

The ambiance is always cool and refreshing and the music will make you enjoy the meal even more.

The place is a perfect place to relax and enjoy with friends.

The menu is delicious and the staff is friendly. If you are planning to visit this place then make sure to book the table as soon as possible to avoid missing the good food.

Blue Moon offers a variety of dishes at an affordable price. You will get the best taste at an affordable price.


We hope that you will like this post on Blue Moon Restaurant. Blue Moon is one of the best restaurants and you can enjoy the best food and drinks in the best atmosphere. So, if you are planning to go out for a dinner then you should definitely visit this place.