Blue Hill Bay Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Blue Hill Bay Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Ginger Infused Herring1058g5g
Herring in Dill1058g5g
Smoked Trout8012g4g
King Salmon7014g1.5g
Honey Baked Salmon9015g3g
Sockeye Salmon7014g1.5g
Scottish Style Smoked Salmon7013g2.5g
BBQ Salmon9015g3g
Smoked Whitefish12010g9g
Roll Mop Herring w/ Pickle907g5g
Pastrami Smoked Salmon7013g2.5g
Baked Salmon9015g3g
Peppered Mackerel Fillet8012g3g
Smoked Whitefish Salad1707g14g
Honey Maple Smoked Salmon9015g3g
Baked Peppered Salmon9015g3g
Smoked Salmon7013g2.5g
Sashimi Style Smoked Salmon7012g2.5g
Herring in Wine1058g5g
Smoked Tuna Poke Bowl34021g2g
Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon Spread12011g9g
Coho Salmon7014g1.5g
Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl36020g5g
Gravlax Salmon7013g2.5g
Alaskan Black Cod1508g13g
Herring in Mustard1505g10g
Herring in Cream1005g5g
Homestyle Herring907g5g
Spiced Matjes Herring1058g5g
Rainbow Trout Fillet8012g4g
Herb Salmon9015g3g

What is Blue Hill Bay Restaurant?

If you are looking for the Best New York Restaurants for 2017, then Blue Hill Bay is the best choice. Blue Hill Bay is one of the most popular restaurants in New York City, so you can have a great dining experience. This restaurant is very famous for its delicious and mouth-watering dishes and it has been rated as one of the best restaurants in New York. Let’s discuss in detail about this restaurant.

Blue Hill Bay is a very famous and popular restaurant in New York, which has earned the trust of its customers. The reason is that it has been serving its dishes for a long time.

Blue Hill Bay was founded by Dan Barber in 2011, and he named it Blue Hill Bay because of its location, which is located at the bottom of the Hudson River. Blue Hill Bay is famous for its dishes that include fresh seafood and vegetables, which are carefully cooked and served.

Blue Hill Bay has four main locations in the city, but the most popular one is in Manhattan. This restaurant serves the dishes in different cuisines, which include American, French, and Italian.

The menu of this restaurant includes a variety of dishes and salads, which will leave you full. You can enjoy the dishes with your friends and family and you will feel relaxed.

The waiters and waitresses of Blue Hill Bay are very friendly and they will help you to choose the best dish and you can enjoy the dishes with your family and friends.

There is also a very famous dessert of Blue Hill Bay, which is named the Blue Hill Bay Pier. This pie is made of fresh berries and it has a sweet taste.

The restaurant also offers the services of valet parking and the restaurant has a very nice ambiance. You can enjoy your food and drinks in this restaurant and you will forget all your worries.


Blue Hill Bay is one of the best restaurants in New York, which is famous for its delicious dishes. If you want to enjoy the dishes and the ambiance of this restaurant, then you should book your table as soon as possible.