Blizz Frozen Yogurt Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Blizz Frozen Yogurt Calories and Nutrition Facts

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt1003g
Peppermint Frozen Yogurt1003g
Mixed Berries Frozen Yogurt1003g
Original Blizz Tart Frozen Yogurt903g
Mint Frozen Yogurt1003g
Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt1003g
No Sugar Added Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt804g
Cookies and Cream Frozen Yogurt1102g
No Sugar Added Blueberry Frozen Yogurt804g
Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt1103g
Strawberry Frozen Yogurt903g
Pina Colada Frozen Yogurt1203g
Peach Frozen Yogurt1002g
Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt1003g
Low Fat Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt1404g5g
No Sugar Added Raspberry Frozen Yogurt704g
Pecan Praline Frozen Yogurt1103g
Mango Frozen Yogurt1003g
Chocolate Frozen Yogurt1103g
Pistachio Frozen Yogurt1003g

Blizz Frozen Yogurt Restaurant Review

You don’t need to go to the gym to get a fit and active body because there are so many options available. You can have a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack in a comfortable place. Nowadays, more and more people are going to restaurants to have a break and relax their bodies. There are many restaurants that have the best dishes, but you need to choose the best one for your health and taste buds. Here are the top 5 restaurants for you to choose from.

1. Blizz Frozen Yogurt Restaurant

If you have never heard of Blizz frozen yogurt restaurant, then you should try it once. This restaurant has an amazing menu and is the best place to enjoy a delicious meal. They have various flavors of frozen yogurt and they are so tasty. The service is amazing and the staff is friendly. They serve you with all kinds of frozen yogurt and ice creams, so you will get the best taste and flavor.

They have the best ice creams and frozen yogurt, which will melt in your mouth. Their ice creams are delicious and the flavors are unique. They have so many different flavors of ice creams and frozen yogurt, so you will get something that you have never tasted before.

2. Blizz Thai Restaurant

This is the most popular restaurant for tourists, as they have some of the best dishes. The chefs are experts in making Thai food and you will get the best of Thai cuisine in this restaurant.

3. Blizz Pizza

This is another restaurant that has the best dishes and is the most famous one. The pizzas are so delicious and you will feel like you are eating a home-cooked pizza. The toppings are amazing and the crust is so crispy.

4. Blizz Baja Grill

This is a Mexican restaurant and you will feel the authentic flavors of Mexico. The tacos are so juicy and the sides are delicious. They have all kinds of grilled meats and fish, so you can order any one of them.

5. Blizz Sub & Grill

This is a sandwich restaurant and you will get the best sandwiches and wraps. If you want a sandwich for lunch or dinner, then this is the best place for you. They have all kinds of sandwiches and wraps.


These are the best restaurants for you to visit. Each restaurant has a different kinds of food and they are different from each other. You will get the best of the food when you visit these restaurants. You can’t afford to miss the chance of trying any of these restaurants.