Blake’s Lotaburger Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Blake’s Lotaburger Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Beef Hot Dog44026g
Add Malt1804g
#5 Burrito Bean & Sausage100058g
Chicken Tender Combo w/ Fries & Ranch Sauce98062g
Add Ranch Dressing32034g
Add Red Chile Sauce20
Onion Rings3703g23g
Biscuit & Egg Sandwich w/Sausage64046g
Biscuit & Egg Sandwich41025g
Sobe Lifewater, Yumberry Pomegranate, Large5
Cheese, Shredded Cheddar1109g
Kiddy Burger with Double Meat52023g28g
Add Fritos1602g10g
Add Bacon353g2.5g
Chili Cheese French Fries66024g31g
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo94036g26g
Chile Over, Red1407g9g
Lota Burger with Double Meat96045g57g
Add Sugar10
BBQ Sauce70
#3 Classic Burrito with Beans79030g45g
Chili Pie with Shredded Cheddar41018g27g
Biscuit & Egg Sandwich w/Bacon50032g
Seasoned French Fries, Large48053g27g
Kid's Meal with Chicken Tenders46015g11g
Nathan's Beef Hot Dog49018g27g
Add Mayonnaise20022g
Breaded Chicken Sandwich64036g
#1 Bacon Burrito86032g52g
#3 Burrito w/ Beans91050g
Chili Over - Green30022g
Milk Shake, Vanilla5005g7g
Cheese Slice505g
Chicken Tender Combo without Sauce113046g43g
BBQ Pork Sandwich Combo96051g
Add Tomato Slices10
Add Creamer151g
Chili w/ Beans805g
Add Malt Powder301g0.5g
#5 Burrito Bean & Bacon98054g
Apple Juice140
BBQ Pork Sandwich54020g
Chicken Tenders Boat60046g
Seasoned French Fries, Regular3602g21g
Apple Slices30
Cheese Sandwich - Small32013g
Milk Shake, Chocolate5505g7g
Lota Burger60026g30g
Itsa Burger41018g19g
Orange Juice1703g
Lota Breakfast Sandwich, Bacon64026g40g
#4 Classic Burrito76026g44g
2% Milk21014g7g
Kid's Meal with Burger57014g15g
Diet Dr. Pepper, Regular
Chicken Tender Combo w/BBQ Sauce95040g
Diet Pepsi, Large
Add BBQ Sauce100
Add Sausage Crumbles904g8g
Dr. Pepper, Large300
Add Cheese Slice703g6g
Pepsi, Regular200
Diet Pepsi, Regular
Mountain Dew, Regular220
#2 Burrito w/ Sausage98058g
Lota Burger Combo124030g39g
Add Mustard
Beef Corn Dog Sandwich32023g
Lota Breakfast Sandwich, Sausage63024g40g
French Fries - Chili Cheese61044g
Root Beer, Large300
Breaded Chicken Sandwich Combo106068g
Chicken Tender Combo w/Ranch Sauce101062g
Kid's Apple Slices35
Dr. Pepper, Regular200
Kiddy Burger35014g15g
Beef Hot Dog Sandwich46026g
Chili Dog with Cheese67030g40g
#8 Burrito Carne Adovada89048g
Original French Fries3004g10g
Itsa Burger Combo93022g29g
Chicken Tenders Boat Sandwich60046g
#4 Breakfast Burrito89050g
Chili Bowl w/ Shredded Cheddar50030g
Add Refried Beans804g1g
Sierra Mist, Large300
Kid's Ranch Dressing31033g
Add Green Chile Sauce201g
#6 Bean Burrito29012g
Sobe Lifewater, Yumberry Pomegranate, Regular
Add Shredded Cheddar1107g9g
Creamer, Non-dairy151g
Kid's Barbecue Sauce120
Beef Corn Dog32023g
#7 Southwest Burrito60047g
#1 Burrito w/ Bacon96054g
Kid's Original Fries4005g12g
Chocolate Chunk Brownie3304g17g
Original French Fries, Large4005g12g
Chili Cheese Dog62040g
Add Salt
2% Chocolate Milk29014g8g
Chile Over, Green1709g12g
Chili Bowl with Shredded Cheddar45027g26g
Add Ketchup30
#2 Sausage Burrito93035g60g
Mountain Dew, Large330
Milk Shake, Strawberry5006g7g
Cherry Milk Shake4707g
Add Jalapeno5
Cheese Sandwich - Large46019g
Chili Dog51031g
Kid's Honey Mustard Sauce18012g
Burrito Carne Adovada74029g40g
Pepsi, Large300
Root Beer, Regular200
Sierra Mist, Regular200
Brownie w/ Nuts35015g
Chili Over - Red27018g
Itsa Burger with Double Meat62030g36g
Diet Dr. Pepper, Large
Chili Pie w/ Shredded Cheddar44029g
Dill Pickle slices, 1
Grilled Chicken Sandwich42032g17g
Lemonade, Large300
Chicken Tender Combo w/ Fries & BBQ Sauce92040g
Add Chili with Beans705g4g
Lemonade, Regular200
Add Honey Mustard Sauce22016g
Bacon Strip704.5g
Add Oyster Crackers701g2g
French Fries - Seasoned, Regular47034g

What is Blake’s Lotaburger?

Are you looking for something different than usual burgers? If yes, then Blake’s Lotaburger restaurant is the perfect place for you.

It was started in 2013 by one of the most famous American burger chains named Blake’s. It was originally started in Texas and then it was opened in Illinois. Now, it is available in more than 1000 restaurants across the United States.

The restaurant has two locations in Chicago, Illinois and its first location was opened in the year 2013.

It has two locations, but the menu of the restaurant is only different. If you want to get your hands on the traditional burgers then you can get them in the original Blake’s Lotaburger, but if you want to try something new and something special then you should visit the second location.

If you are wondering what is the difference between the original and the second one then here is the list:

1. Menu

The menu of the first restaurant is quite simple, but the second one is quite different. You will get all the burgers that you love and all the sides that you never tried before.

If you are a fan of the burgers then you can enjoy the traditional ones, but if you are a foodie then you will be able to enjoy some unique dishes.

2. The Ambiance

The ambiance of the first restaurant is not that attractive, but the second one is much better. You will find a lot of kids enjoying the burgers, but if you are a foodie then you will enjoy it.

3. The service

Both the restaurants offer the same service, but the quality of service is not the same. If you are visiting the original one then you will get a good service, but if you are visiting the second one then you will get very friendly service.


Blake’s Lotaburger is the best place for you if you are looking for something different from the usual burgers and fast food.