Blackwing Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Blackwing Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Ground Lamb30019g24g
Bison Prime Rib Roast17035g3.5g
Traditional Smoked Salmon13013g8g
Deli Shallots & Herb Turkey Breast7715g1.5g
Executive Chef Mango-Coconut Sauce15
Organic Baby Bella Mushroom Cheese Wedge1008g8g
Bison Inside Top Round Roast17035g3.5g
Whole Quail14015g8g
Passion Fruit & Pineapple Grand Marnier10
Bison New York Strip Steak17035g3.5g
Wild Boar Diced Stew Meat20837g6g
Bison Rib Eye17035g3.5g
Pork Cinnamon & Clove Bacon2805g28g
Onion & Green Pepper Pork Brat21014g17g
Bison Steak Strips17035g3.5g
Beef Back Ribs16025g6g
Smoked Norwegian Mackerel10011g6g
Venison Patties16025g6g
Boneless Ham5019g1.5g
Pineapple Brats20013g15g
Beef Hot Dogs9011g4.5g
Classic Smoked Salmon13013g8g
Wild Boar Breakfast Sausage1109g7g
Deli Horseradish Cheese1006g8g
Bison Tri Tip Roast17035g3.5g
Kobe Grass Fed Beef Patties34019g29g
Beef Inside Top Round Roast16025g6g
Beef T-Bone Steak16025g6g
Beef Steak Strips16025g6g
The Ostrich Top Loin Filet16036g1.5g
Bison Large Chuck Eye Roast17035g3.5g
All Purpose Baking Flour – Gluten Free1003g1g
All Natural Piedmontese Ground Beef15025g5g
Deli Cubano Pork Roast8012g3g
Elk Tenderloin25252g2g
All Natural Buffalo Jerky6011g0.5g
Organic Piedmontese Beef Rib Eye16025g6g
Bison Tenderloin17035g3.5g
Lox in a Box453g2.5g
Boneless & Skinless Chicken Thighs16019g12g
Beef Tenderloin12025g2g
Bison Filet Chunks17035g3.5g
Organic Jalapeno Jack Cheese Wedge1008g8g
Kobe Grass Fed Beef Franks1407g12g
Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breast11026g
Beef Skirt Steak16025g6g
Beef Stew16025g6g
Organic Turkey Seasoned Patties18024g9g
Elk Philly Steak13022g4.5g
Wholey EZ Peel Grill Cut Shrimp8017g1g
Beef Flank16025g6g
Go Wild Alaskan Cod8017g
Beef Philly Steak Meat10020g2g
Organic Whole Turkey19023g10g
Organic Piedmontese Ground Beef16026g6g
Go Wild Alaskan Flounder8014g2g
Ostrich Hot Dogs9011g4.5g
Organic Original Beef Jerky7011g1g
Homemade Elk Chili1205g2g
Rabbit Domestic Split Breast15022g6g
Quail Airline Breasts11515g6g
Whole Rabbit15022g6g
Bison Hot Dogs9011g4.5g
Wild Rice & Cranberry Pork Brat23014g15g
Wild Smoked Salmon Pinwheels704g5g
Semi-Boneless Quail14015g8g
Bison Eye of Round Roast17035g3.5g
Elk Stew Meat13022g4.5g
Organic Beef Rib Eye16025g6g
Beef Tri Tip Roast16025g6g
Bison Skirt Steak17035g3.5g
Elk Hot Dog15015g9g
Turkey Filets11024g2g
Deli American Cheese1006g8g
New York Style Nova Lox13013g8g
Deli Southwestern Roasted Turkey Breast7715g1.5g
Cooked Shrimp w/ Tail-On10824g1g
Wild Boar Bone In Chops20837g6g
Wild Rice & Cranberry Brat23014g15g
Oat Bran1505g3g
Mild Italian Pork Brat21015g17g
Bison Top Sirloin Steak17035g3.5g
Bison Stew Meat12019g3.5g
Beef Rib Eye w/ Bone-In16025g6g
Bison Chuck Roll Roast17035g3.5g
Wild Sockeye Salmon11014g6g
Organic Seasoned Chicken Patties18021g11g
Chicken Drumstick15021g6g
Homemade Bison Chili1205g2g
Beef Rib Eye16025g6g
Ground Turkey18024g3g
Ground Ostrich11023g1.5g
Deli Uncured Italian Herb Ham9012g1.5g
Bison Ground Beef20023g9g
Venison Steak13026g2.5g
Bison Philly Steak Meat12019g4.5g
Organic Piedmontese Beef Patties16026g6g
Bison Inside Round Steak17035g3.5g
The Ostrich Inside Strip Filet16036g1.5g
Organic Piedmontese Beef NY Strip18024g8g
Organic Smoked Salmon13012g8g
Organic Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge1008g8g
Wild Boar Chuck Roast27749g8g
Hot & Honey BBQ Sauce40
Organic Piedmontese Kansas City Bone In Strip Steak18024g8g
Kobe Grass Fed Ground Beef34019g29g
Ground Elk16025g6g
Elk Sirloin13022g4.5g
Go Wild Norwegian Haddock8018g0.5g
Wild Boar Kabobs20837g6g
Pheasant Breast Fillet10012g5g
Ostrich Fan Filet16036g1.5g
Bison Cowboy Steak17035g3.5g
Old Fashioned Rolled Oats1907g3.5g
Wild Caught King Crab Leg & Claws10019g1.5g
Organic Whole Chicken16024g7g
Bison Rib Eye Steak17035g3.5g
Wild Boar Mild Italian Sausage1109g7g
Bison Back Ribs17035g3.5g
Beef Prime Rib Roast16025g6g
Beef Eye of Round Roast16025g6g
Executive Chef Marinade251g
Organic Smokehouse Cheese Wedge1008g8g
The Ostrich Tenderloin346g1g
Ground Venison16025g6g
Pork Brat w/ Pineapple20013g15g
Organic Piedmontese Beef Sirloin16025g6g
Sockeye Salmon w/ Cedar Plank19024g10g
Bison Patties20023g9g
Wild Boar Ground Meat20029g9g
Bison Flank Steak17035g3.5g
Wild Boar Tenderloin13624g4g
Steel Cut Oats1707g3g
Wild Boar Boneless Chops20737g6g
Go Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon16024g6g
Venison Tenderloins13026g2.5g
Deli Colby Jack Cheese1007g8g
Elk Pattie16025g6g
Smoked Salmon Trim13013g8g
Ostrich Patties11023g1.5g
Pork Applewood Smoked Bacon2805g28g
Bison Chuck Eye Roast17035g3.5g
Beef Chuck Eye Roast16025g6g
Pork Brat w/ Chorizo21015g17g
Beef Short Ribs16025g6g
Wild Boar Hot Dogs1109g7g
Sweet Chili Brat22014g17g

What is Blackwing Restaurant?

Have you ever wondered about what is Blackwing restaurant? Well, the name of the restaurant is not very common and you don’t have any idea what is it. Well, let me tell you that Blackwing is one of the finest Chinese restaurants that you will find in Toronto.

It is the first Chinese restaurant that started its business in Canada and now it has more than 150 restaurants across Canada. The reason why we have chosen this restaurant is because of its unique food and quality service.

The uniqueness of the Blackwing is that the restaurant doesn’t serve any American dishes. They only offer traditional Chinese dishes and their specialty is that they serve authentic and delicious food.

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Blackwing is one of the best Chinese restaurants that you will find in the whole world. The chefs are the best chefs and they will prepare the dishes according to your requirements. So, if you are a foodie then you will surely enjoy the food.

The best thing is that the restaurant doesn’t serve the American dishes

The chefs will prepare the dishes according to your requirements and that will help you to enjoy the food. You will never get bored by the food as they will only serve authentic Chinese dishes.

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If you have never tried Chinese food before then you should try this restaurant because the chefs are the most talented chefs and they will prepare authentic dishes.


If you are a foodie then you should definitely try this restaurant because they will prepare authentic Chinese dishes according to your requirements.