Bick’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bick’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Hot Mix Pickles40.2g
Definitely Dill Pickle – Mini Crunch'ems20.2g
Yum Yum Sweet Pickle300.1g
Sour Cocktail Onion40.1g
Extra Garlic Pickle – Sandwich Savers40.1g
Sweet Green Relish150.1g
Polskie Ogorki Baby Dill Pickle20.1g
Mild Banana Pepper Chunks30.2g
Sweet Corn Relish200.3g
Hot Banana Pepper Chunks40.2g
Hot Pepper Rings40.2g
Sweet Mix Pickle350.1g
Sweet Mustard Pickle50.3g
Garlic Baby Dill Pickle30.1g
Garlic Dill Pickle50.3g
Tangy Dill Pickle Sandwich Savers – 50% Less Salt30.2g
Sweet Gherkins350.2g
Garlic Rush Pickle – Mini Crunch'ems20.2g
Tangy No Garlic Baby Dill Pickle30.1g
Garlic Dill Pickle – 50% Less Salt50.3g
Kosher Style Baby Dill Pickle50.1g
Ultimate Garlic Baby Dill Pickle30.1g
Wine Sauerkraut50.2g
Garlic Baby Dill Pickle – 50% Less Salt30.1g
Hamburger Slices – Garlic Pickle30.1g
Bavaria-Fest Wine Sauerkraut100.2g
Tangy Dill Pickle – Sandwich Savers30.2g
Tangy Dill Relish50.1g
Hot 'n Spicy Pickle – Sandwich Savers40.1g
Whole Baby Beets150.3g
Polskie Ogorki Dill Pickle50.2g
Sweet Yum Yum Pickle – Sandwich Savers300.1g
Hot Pepper Relish30.1g
No Garlic Dill Pickle50.5g

What is Bick’s Restaurant?

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It has a modern and clean interior which will surely attract all the guests and will make them enjoy their visit. Bick’s Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in town and is famous for its best service and amazing food.

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They have a wide range of menus that you can choose from. They have different sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drink. You can have a variety of meals at the restaurant. There is a special section for kids too.

The ambiance of the restaurant is so calm and relaxing that you will surely enjoy your stay here. If you are looking for a place to have a good time and unwind, then you should definitely try Bick’s Restaurant. You will surely enjoy your time and your trip will be memorable.


This is a detailed article about Bick’s Restaurant. I am sure you will enjoy your stay in the city and will love the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant.