Bibigo Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bibigo Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Mandu Pork & Vegetable Dumpling3209g18g
Beef Bibimbap34013g7g
Soy Garlic Chicken Bibimbap35015g6g
Soy Garlic Beef Bibimbap35013g6g
Korean BBQ Sauce – Hot & Spicy25
Steamed Dumplings – Chicken & Vegetable25015g7g
Mini Wontons – Pork & Vegetable1506g6g
Organic Potstickers – Chicken & Vegetables21012g5g
Organic Potstickers – Vegetable2409g4g
Go-Chu Jang Chicken Bibimbap35014g5g
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl33017g7g
Chicken Sesame Soy Noodle Bowl36018g10g
Korean BBQ Sauce – Original20
Mandu Beef & Vegetable Dumpling28015g9g
Beef Rice Bowl38015g6g
Go-Chu Jang Mayo909g
Steamed Dumplings – Pork & Vegetable37014g19g
Mini Wontons – Chicken & Vegetable503g1g
Go-Chu Jang Barbecue Sauce901g
Korean BBQ Stir-Fry Bulgogi Sauce600.5g0.5g
Go-Chu Jang Hot & Sweet Sauce901g0.5g

Bibigo is a restaurant chain with a difference, the restaurants are designed in a unique way and are a perfect blend of modern architecture and traditional Japanese style.

They are known for their amazing food and the ambiance of the restaurant is awesome and the staffs are very friendly and helpful. Their dishes are not the same like any other restaurant and their menu is filled with a variety of different dishes.

What is Bibigo Restaurant?

Bibigo is a Japanese restaurant chain that was established in Japan in the year 2008. It is a franchise and there are more than 400 restaurants in Japan. Bibigo restaurants are well known for their unique interior and modern architecture. The interior of the restaurant is designed by Takanobu Kato and the concept of the restaurant is designed by Fumio Ito. The menu of the restaurant is prepared by a famous chef named Yuki Kawai.

The restaurant chain is available in many countries in the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The main aim of the company is to provide fresh food, affordable prices, and a warm and welcoming environment for the customers.

Some of the dishes served at Bibigo are Bibigo Shabu Shabu, Bibigo Curry, Bibigo Ramen and Bibigo Noodles. You will find a wide variety of food in the menu and the dishes are prepared using only the best quality ingredients.

How to get Bibigo Restaurant voucher codes?

There are several methods through which you can get the voucher code. The first and the easiest method is to visit the official website of the restaurant and you can get the code from the homepage. You don’t need to fill out any form or make any payment as you can get the code directly.

The next and the third method is to visit the Facebook page of the restaurant and you will get the code instantly. All you need to do is to like the page and once you like the page you will get the code instantly.


Bibigo is a restaurant chain that is famous for its delicious food and the restaurant provides the best service. So, if you are in the area then you can easily visit the restaurant and enjoy your favorite food.