Barlean’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Barlean’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Superfruit Greens Powder – Strawberry-Kiwi25
Omega Twin Softgel303g
Total Omega Softgel – Lemonade Flavor353g
Heart Remedy Omega-7 Softgel5
Organic Coconut Oil – Butter Flavored12014g
Olive Leaf Complex Softgel101g
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Passion Pineapple Flavor705g
Joint Remedy Omega-7 Mountain Berry Flavor302g
Lignan Flax Oil Softgel303g
Total Omega Swirl Orange Cream Flavor604.5g
Total Omega Oil – Lemonade Flavor12014g
Forti-Flax Ground Flaxseed803g6g
Ideal Omega3 Fish Oil Softgel – Orange Flavor151g
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Mango Peach Flavor352.5g
Kid's Fish Oil Omega Swirl Lemonade Flavor201.5g
Digestive Blend602g5g
Alaskan Salmon Oil Softgel252.5g
Greens Powder – Berry Flavor302g
Superfruit Blend702g5g
Essential Woman Omega Swirl Chocolate Mint Flavor705g
Olive Leaf Complex – Peppermint Flavor45
Ultra EPA-DHA Fish Oil Softgel – Orange Flavor202g
Essential Woman Softgel302.5g
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil13014g
Lignan Omega Twin Oil12013g
Antioxidant Blend702g5g
Borage Oil Softgel101g
Joint Remedy Omega-7 Softgel5
Cod Liver Oil – Lemonade Flavor404.5g
Tonalin CLA Swirl Fresh Apple Flavor352.5g
Greens Formula – Chocolate Silk25
Ultra DHA Fish Oil Softgel – Lemonade Flavor101g
Ideal CBD Hemp Oil Softgel50.5g
Fish Oil – Orange Flavor404.5g
Seriously Delicious Lemon Drop CBD Hemp Oil201.5g
Flax, Chia & Coconut Blend602g5g
Eye Remedy Tangerine Smoothie Flavor604g
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Citrus Sorbet Flavor705g
Olive Leaf Complex Throat Spray
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Key Lime Flavor705g
CBD Oil Softgel5
Organic Lignan Flax Oil12013g
Fish Oil Softgel – Orange Flavor202g
Organic Culinary Coconut Oil12014g
Brevail Plant Lignan Extract
Olive Leaf Complex45
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Lemon Zest Flavor352.5g
Omega Man Oil12013g
CoQ10 Fish Oil Swirl Island Fruit Flavor402.5g
Omega-3 Flax Oil Gummy – Orange Flavor401g
Krill Oil Softgel101g
Chia Seed402g3.5g
Greens Organic Powder302g
Evening Primrose Oil Softgel252.5g
Total Omega Swirl Pomegranate Blueberry Flavor705g
Cod Liver Oil Softgel – Lemonade Flavor202g
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Mango Fusion Flavor352.5g
Ideal CBD Hemp Oil101g
Essential Woman Oil11012g
Omega Man Softgel302.5g
Omega Twin Oil12014g
Flax Oil Softgel303g
Heart Remedy Omega-7 Mixed Red Berry Flavor252g
Organic Flax Oil12014g
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Pina Colada Flavor352.5g
Ultra EPA Fish Oil Softgel – Lemonade Flavor202g
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Blackberry Peach Flavor352.5g
Probiotic Gummy – Raspberry Flavor15
Fish Oil Omega Swirl Strawberry Banana Flavor352.5g
MCT Swirl Coconut Flavor505g
Energy Blend602g5g

What is Barlean’s Restaurant?

We all are familiar with the famous Barlean’s Restaurant, but if you are wondering what is Barlean’s then I will tell you that it is a restaurant which is not known for its food quality but for its services and facilities. It is a chain of restaurants that was founded in the year 1982 and now has more than 150 outlets. The concept of this restaurant is to serve the best foods to its customers.

Barlean’s is known for its specialty in serving the best quality dishes and also its chefs are trained to cook delicious meals for the customers. They have a good reputation in the business as well.

They offer the best dishes which include pasta, pizza, chicken wings, burgers, steak, and much more. Barlean’s also offers the best variety of beverages and desserts for their customers.

Why should you visit this restaurant?

There are several reasons why you should visit this restaurant, but here are the top 4 reasons which make it a great place to visit.

The food is made fresh

The food is made fresh on the spot, so you can be sure that what you are getting is the best. Barlean’s restaurants are famous for their tasty and unique dishes.

It serves amazing drinks

You will find different kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You will get your favorite drinks here like cocktails, beer, wine, etc.

There are multiple dining options

There are different types of dining options at Barlean’s, so you will get to enjoy different cuisines like Italian, Indian, Mexican, American, and more.


Barlean’s is one of the best places to have fun and enjoy a memorable dinner. They are famous for their wide range of dishes and you can choose from different varieties of beverages.