Bandana’s BBQ Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bandana’s BBQ Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Donut Holes, Full Order7308g
Choose Two or Three, Turkey15034g
Wet Chicken & Turkey Sandwich52026g
Meat Per Pound, St. Louis Style Ribs140082g
Loaded Bar-B-Q Baked Potato, Beef & Pork67037g
Bar-B-Q Chicken Nachos1970105g
KC Style Sauce501g
Donut Holes, Half Order3704g
Choose Two or Three, Pork25032g
Sausage Sandwich66027g
Sausage Plate39024g
Fried Chicken Tenders68042g
Turkey Plate23051g
Memphis Style Sauce30
Turkey Platter34077g
Bar-B-Q Salad, Pork55044g
St. Louis Style Rib Plate with Rub70041g
Pork Lovers Feast for Three3290259g
Apple Sauce80
Choose Two or Three, Ribs53031g
Chicago Sweet Sauce70
Beef Sandwich59044g
St. Louis Sweet & Smoky Sauce50
French Fries2904g
Green Beans352g
Hot Boiled Peanuts114057g
Pork Platter56071g
Meat Per Pound, Whole Bone-In Chicken1070118g
Pork Plate37047g
Meat Per Pound, Turkey610137g
Baby Back Ribs Plate with Rub68039g
Bar-B-Q Salad, Wet Beef & Pork49029g
Meat Per Pound, Sausage104064g
Wet Pork & Beef Sandwich57027g
Meat Per Pound, Baby Back Ribs108062g
Baby Back Ribs Platter with Rub102059g
Bar-B-Q Beans1506g
Fitz's Root Beer Float3703g
Baby Back Rib Sandwich99040g
Fried Chicken Tenders Platter68042g
Brunswick Stew1707g
Potato Salad2003g
Beef Plate30044g
Baby Back Slab of Ribs1800102g
Ice Cream Sundae2403g
Bar-B-Q Salad, Wet Chicken & Turkey45028g
Southern Style Original Sauce25
Bar-B-Q Salad, Chicken52045g
Side of Fried Okra2503g
Carolina Smokin Hot Saucer20
Garlic Bread2406g
Bar-B-Q Salad, Beef50042g
Sweet Cut Corn1203g
Chicken Plate27030g
St. Louis Style Slab of Ribs2300133g
St. Louis Style Rib Platter106061g
Choose Two or Three, Beef20029g
Turkey Sandwich53050g
Meat Per Pound, Pork1000126g
Apple Pie4403g
Bar-B-Q Salad, Turkey45047g
Side Salad1406g
Baked Potato, Plain2607g
Chicken Platter54059g
Brownie Ala Mode4806g
Beef Platter46066g
St. Louis Style Rib Sandwich101042g
Choose Two or Three, Chicken27030g
Pork Sandwich65047g
Meat Per Pound, Beef810117g
Chicken Sandwich61047g
Loaded Bar-B-Q Baked Potato, Chicken & Turkey64036g
Fried Okra73010g
Sausage Platter58036g

Bandana’s BBQ Restaurant

is a name that is famous for its mouth-watering BBQ.

It was established in 2005 by the owner, Bandana in an amazing way and it is a place where you will get to taste the most delicious food in an elegant setting. The concept behind this restaurant is to provide the best-tasting food, at an affordable price and a great ambiance.

The main menu of this restaurant consists of dishes like ribs, pulled pork, chicken, chicken wings, grilled steaks, smoked sausage, pulled beef brisket, and many more. The food is cooked on a special grill which is made to order and is accompanied by barbecue sauce, coleslaw, potato salad, and bread.

In addition to the main menu, the restaurant also offers a selection of side dishes and beverages. Some of the drinks include margaritas, margarita quenchers, frozen margaritas, beer and wine, draft beer, and beer on tap.

The most interesting part about this restaurant is that it serves meat and seafood dishes, including a variety of fish and seafood. In fact, the menu even includes some of the most exotic items such as lobster, crab, shrimp, and more.

So, if you are looking for a unique dining experience, then you should definitely try Bandana’s BBQ.


So, this is all about the what is bandanas bbq restaurant. If you want to learn more about this restaurant, then you can visit its website or Facebook page.