Ball Park Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Ball Park Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Classic Potato Hot Dog Bun1405g1.5g
Park's Finest Smoky Cheddar Beef Franks1607g14g
Hot Dog Bun1304g1.5g
Grillmaster Hearty Beef Franks2509g21g
Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Patties13015g7g
Flame Grilled Beef W/ Cheese & Bacon Burger Patty24014g20g
Bourbon BBQ Beef Jerky8010g2g
Lite Beef Franks1006g7g
Original Angus Beef Franks1707g15g
Turkey Franks1106g7g
Flame Grilled Beef & Bacon Meatballs22015g16g
Flame Grilled Beef & Onion Burger Patty23014g19g
Single Beef Franks1505g13g
Peppered Beef Jerky8011g1g
Steakhouse Beef Burger31020g25g
Lean Beef Franks806g5g
Lean Angus Beef Franks706g5g
Gourmet Tailgaters Hamburger Bun2006g2.5g
Hickory Smoke Flavored BBQ Pulled Chicken16011g6g
Classic Potato Hamburger Bun1405g1.5g
Cheese Franks1906g16g
Sweet & Tangy BBQ Seasoned Pulled Pork16012g3g
Original Beef Jerky8011g1g
Smoked Turkey White Meat Franks456g
Park's Finest Signature Seasoned Beef Franks1707g15g
Barbecue Pork Jerky9010g3g
Deli Style Beef Franks1506g12g
Bun Sized Beef Franks1907g16g
Hickory Smoked Bacon & White Cheddar Chicken Patties15014g9g
Park's Finest Slow Smoked Hickory Beef Franks1707g15g
Teriyaki Pork Jerky908g3g
Golden Hot Dog Bun1405g2g
Flame Grilled Beef Burger Patty24013g21g
Beef Franks1907g16g
Gourmet Tailgaters Brat Bun2106g2.5g
Bun Size Franks1805g15g
Hamburger Bun1404g1.5g
Bun Size Angus Beef Franks1707g15g

What Is Ball Park Restaurant?

The Ball Park is a famous restaurant that is popular in New York City. It is located at 161 E 46th Street, New York. It is a popular place for people who want to eat delicious and healthy food. It is one of the best restaurants in New York.

The main specialty of the Ball park restaurant is its menu. It includes a variety of foods like burgers, salads, sandwiches, pasta, and much more. If you want to know more about the Ball park restaurant then you can read below.

What is Ball Park Restaurant?

The Ball park is a restaurant that has been running since 1970. It is a part of a group of companies called the Ball park Grill. The company was founded by John Borthwick who is a native of Scotland.

It was originally a fast food restaurant that served American classics. The restaurant started as a small food stand near a baseball stadium. The menu of the restaurant was designed by the company’s chef, Michael Wylie.

Who started Ball Park Restaurant?

The Ball park restaurant was originally owned by the company that is named the Ball park Grill. The owner of the company is a business mogul, John Borthwick. He is the founder and the managing partner of the company.

The company is known for its burger menu which is popular among people. The menu includes a variety of burgers.

Is Ball Park Restaurant Good?

The Ball park restaurant is a popular and well-known restaurant. It is popular for serving various types of food. The restaurant serves healthy food that will help people to lose weight.

The food of the restaurant is made using the best quality ingredients. This is the reason why it is known as a health restaurant. The restaurant has a variety of dishes like salads, pizza, and burgers.

The Ball park restaurant has great customer service. It has a wide range of dishes to choose from. There are different types of salads and burgers that will satisfy your taste buds.


If you want to know more about the Ball park restaurant then you should visit the website and read all the reviews that are available. I am sure that you will love the restaurant.