Baker’s Drive-thru Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Baker’s Drive-thru Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Sprite Large350
Monterey Egg Sandwich37014g21g
Breakfast Meal #9, Chorizo, Egg & Potato Tacos (2)161043g107g
Banana Milkshake, Large72012g34g
Flavor Shot, Caramel70
Gold Peak Sweet Green Tea Large280
Barq's Root Beer Medium290
Add Jalapenos10
Twin Kitchen, Junior Meal, Low Calorie Range83030g45g
B.R.C. (Bean, Rice & Cheese) Burrito64023g18g
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Small
Burrito, Pollo Asado61037g17g
Meal-Machaca Burrito, High Calorie Range136053g79g
Flavor Shot, Vanilla70
Bean Cup31019g10g
Butterfinger Milkshake, Large83015g42g
Diet Coke Large
Budget Meal #5, Cheese Quesadilla88022g34g
Barq's Root Beer Small180
Barq's Root Beer Float3403g12g
Breakfast Meal #3, Machaca Burrito135050g75g
Bean & Cheese Burrito50021g15g
Vegetarian Taco Burger33022g10g
Veggie Wrap65017g20g
Beef Barbacoa Texas Taco24014g10g
Machaca Taco31018g18g
Taco, Chicken Soft20011g8g
Meal-Sausage & Egg Burrito, High Calorie Range139045g91g
Meal-2 Monterey Egg Tacos, Low Calorie Range121032g83g
Chorizo & Egg Burrito68028g41g
Coca-Cola Small160
Meal-Egg Burrito, Low Calorie Range111029g69g
Burrito, BRC60020g17g
Gold Peak Sweet Tea Large280
Budget Meal #1, Single Baker83022g36g
Barq's Root Beer, Medium290
Add Potatoes2702g19g
Vegetarian Combo Burrito53028g14g
Budget Meal #7, Grilled Cheese89018g43g
Banana 20 oz Milkshake69012g33g
Barq's Root Beer Large400
Twin Kitchen, Mama Meal, High Calorie Range119031g49g
Salad, Beef Barbacoa Large91037g51g
Rice Cup2806g8g
Add Potato2702g19g
Meal-Sausage & Egg Sandwich, Low Calorie Range124035g85g
Meal-Monterey Egg Sandwich, Low Calorie Range94020g61g
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Large200
Meal-Egg Sandwich, Low Calorie Range94021g62g
Iced Coffee, Plain704g4g
Gold Peak Iced Tea Small
Quesadilla, Cheese44017g20g
Twin Kitchen, Papa Meal, High Calorie Range168036g69g
Oreo Cookie 16 oz Milkshake71012g37g
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Medium
Meal-Monterey Egg Sandwich, High Calorie Range109030g67g
Barq's Root Beer, Large400
Meal-Power Burrito, Low Calorie Range127043g76g
All Beef Sausage & Egg Sandwich70031g47g
Salad, Chicken Large92044g48g
Diet Coke Small
All Chicken Burrito50034g15g
Sausage & Egg Burrito76041g44g
Caramel 16 oz Milkshake66011g28g
Guacamole & Chips4302g28g
Burrito, Red58024g15g
Sprite Small160
Egg Burrito58025g31g
Coca-Cola Medium260
Pibb Xtra Medium240
Machaca Burrito67039g35g
Texas Taco, Beef Barbacoa24016g11g
Burrito, Ground Beef67038g32g
Breakfast Meal #7, Egg Sandwich109026g71g
Vanilla 20 oz Milkshake75012g33g
Single Baker With Cheese50021g30g
Burrito, Green59024g15g
Add Guacamole605g
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Small90
Gold Peak Sweet Green Tea Small120
Chicken Sandwich, Grilled46021g24g
Meal-2 Egg Tacos, Low Calorie Range102024g70g
Vitaminwater XXX Medium120
Double Baker76042g49g
Strawberry 20 oz Milkshake68012g33g
Iced Coffee, Vanilla1503g3g
Quesadilla, Beef Barbacoa56033g24g
Burrito, Combination57026g20g
Power Burrito79040g38g
Texas Taco, Chicken25015g11g
Twin Kitchen, Papa Meal, Low Calorie Range130036g69g
Vegetarian Taco16010g6g
Add Sour Cream601g4.5g
Single Baker40015g21g
Butterfinger Milkshake, Regular72013g36g
Breakfast Meal #8, Egg Soft Tacos (2)117033g73g
Vanilla 16 oz Milkshake64010g27g
Budget Meal #6, Original Taco58015g24g
Annie Palmer Cool Creation70
Monterey Soft Egg Taco31013g19g
Budget Meal #2, Spicy Rolled Quesadilla94026g38g
Mama Meal, High Calorie Range6205g18g
Add Salsa10
Taco, Original Ground Beef18010g11g
Meal-2 Chorizo, Egg & Potato Tacos, High Calorie Range161043g110g
Strawberry 16 oz Milkshake57011g27g
Meal-Egg Sandwich, High Calorie Range109031g68g
Bean Taco1406g6g
Taco, Ground Beef Soft20011g8g
Banana 16 oz Milkshake58010g27g
Pibb Xtra Large340
Salad, Vegetarian Filling Small31016g20g
Onion Burger48031g25g
Nachos, Large143050g78g
Fries, Small2603g13g
Coca-Cola Large360
Monterey Egg Taco34016g23g
Caramel 20 oz Milkshake77012g34g
Salad, Beef Barbacoa Small32016g22g
Orange Juice, Minute Maid Premium1402g
Salad, Ground Beef Small37016g26g
Monterey Double73040g47g
Breakfast Meal #1, Sausage & Egg Burrito146056g85g
Fries, Medium3405g18g
Chocolate Abuelita2605g7g
Baker's Ketchup10
Gold Peak Raspberry Iced Tea Small100
Twin Kitchen, Mama Meal, Low Calorie Range91031g49g
Sausage & Egg Sandwich71032g50g
Grilled Cheese Sandwich51018g35g
Add Beans1107g15g
Meal-Power Burrito, High Calorie Range142053g82g
Vegetarian Chili Cheese Fries100031g52g
Gold Peak Iced Tea Medium
Meal-Machaca Taco, Low Calorie Range129048g85g
Barq's Root Beer, Small180
Chocolate 16 oz Milkshake61011g28g
Junior Meal, Low Calorie Range2603g13g
Meal-Machaca Burrito, Low Calorie Range121043g73g
Quesadilla, Chicken56040g21g
Breakfast Meal #4, Chorizo & Egg Burrito137043g82g
Papa Meal, Low Calorie Range73010g37g
Meal-Sausage & Egg Burrito, Low Calorie Range130045g82g
Gold Peak Iced Tea Large
Add Rice1302g3g
Meal-2 Monterey Egg Tacos, High Calorie Range136043g89g
Baker's Curl Your Tongue Hot Sauce5
Chicken Sandwich, Monterey41026g18g
Butterfinger 20 oz Milkshake81014g41g
Breakfast Meal #5, Egg Burrito128040g73g
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Medium150
Chocolate 20 oz Milkshake72013g34g
Snickers 16 oz Milkshake72014g38g
Taco Burger35018g15g
Budget Meal #3, Bean & Cheese Burrito91024g28g
Beef Barbacoa Burrito51030g17g
Make It Big Addition702g5g
Breakfast Meal #10, Monterey Egg Soft Tacos (2)132040g83g
Coca-Cola Float3403g12g
Mama Meal, Low Calorie Range3405g18g
Meal-Sausage & Egg Sandwich, High Calorie Range145055g88g
Vitaminwater XXX Large170
Texas Taco, Ground Beef29016g15g
Baker's Hot Sauce5
Baker's Blast Cool Creation190
Meal-Machaca Taco, High Calorie Range144058g91g
Hi C Pink Lemonade Large330
Chorizo, Egg & Potato Taco46014g33g
Mango 20 oz Milkshake8308g30g
Egg Taco24010g16g
Chicken Sandwich, Caribbean45017g23g
Burrito, Beef Barbacoa52034g19g
All Beef Sausage & Egg Burrito77042g41g
Chips & Salsa3002g15g
Vitaminwater XXX Small80
Baker's Habanero Ketchup10
Budget Meal #8, Tostada69017g26g
Sprite Medium250
Iced Coffee, Caramel1503g3g
Fries, Frynormous155021g80g
Taco, Beef Barbacoa Soft16012g5g
Flavor Shot, Strawberry60
Boca Burger51025g27g
Nachos, Small83029g49g
Baker's Curl Your Tounge Hot Sauce5
Salad, Ground Beef Large86037g53g
Vegetarian Nachos, Small78029g42g
Snickers 20 oz Milkshake83015g43g
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Large
Vegetarian Soft Taco17010g3.5g
Gold Peak Sweet Tea Small120
Gold Peak Sweet Green Tea Medium200
Meal-Chorizo & Egg Burritos, Low Calorie Range121033g79g
Breakfast Meal #2, Sausage & Egg Sandwich139045g91g
Papa Meal, High Calorie Range111010g37g
Mango 16 oz Milkshake6407g24g
Butterfinger 16 oz Milkshake70013g35g
Junior Meal, High Calorie Range4303g13g
Egg Sandwich40017g24g
Flavor Shot, Cherry70
Oreo Cookie 20 oz Milkshake82014g42g
Cherry 16 oz Milkshake65010g27g
Burrito, Bean & Cheese47018g14g
Meal-2 Egg Tacos, High Calorie Range118034g76g
Plain Hamburger27015g10g
Twin Kitchen, Junior Meal, High Calorie Range100030g45g
Burrito, Chicken47024g18g
Chili Cheese Fries97026g54g
Meal-Chorizo & Egg Burritos, High Calorie Range136043g85g
Cherry 20 oz Milkshake76012g33g
Chicken Sandwich, Teriyaki47020g24g
Salad, Chicken Small32017g20g
French Vanilla2603g6g
Diet Coke Medium
Gold Peak Sweet Tea Medium200
Banana Milkshake, Regular60011g28g
Breakfast Meal #6, Monterey Egg Sandwich109030g65g
Salad, Vegetarian Filling Large67036g33g
Pibb Xtra Small150
Meal-Egg Burrito, High Calorie Range126039g75g
Vegetarian Nachos, Large132049g66g
Meal-2 Chorizo, Egg & Potato Tacos, Low Calorie Range146033g103g
Gold Peak Raspberry Iced Tea Medium150
Hi C Pink Lemonade Medium240
Chili Cup23014g6g
Gold Peak Raspberry Iced Tea Large210
Vegetarian Texas Taco23016g9g
Fries, Large72010g37g
Beef Barbacoa Quesadilla56033g23g
Hash Browns5404g38g
Hi C Pink Lemonade Small150

What is Baker’s Drive-Thru Restaurant?

Who said that there is no food in India and we cannot get any food from outside? Yes, this is true because the people who eat fast food will surely enjoy a good meal. If you are also looking for some authentic Indian dishes then the best place for you is Baker’s drive-thru restaurant.

If you have heard about this name, then you must know that this is an American fast-food chain that was founded by two brothers, Bob and Jim Baker. It is a chain of restaurants that serve burgers, fries, and shakes.

Why Baker’s Drive-thru Restaurants?

The reason why this chain has become so famous is because of its unique menu and delicious food. They serve different types of food such as chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

They have different flavors such as garlic, jalapeno, chipotle, and bacon. If you want to have a tasty burger then you should order a Bacon Burger, Chicken Burger, or the Cheeseburger.

What do you get in Baker’s Drive-thru?

Their menu is full of food that will satisfy your taste buds. Their menu consists of different types of burgers, fries, shakes, and milkshakes.

Here is the list of the items that you can get in Baker’s Drive-thru:

Hot dog

The main menu consists of hot dogs. You can choose from classic or spicy hot dogs.


The main menu consists of burgers. There are different types of burgers such as Bacon burgers, Chicken burgers, Cheeseburger, and a Vegetable Burger.


Baker’s Drive-thru is famous for its fries. The fries that they offer are loaded with different types of toppings such as cheese, mushrooms, onion rings, and bacon.


They also serve shakes that are full of delicious ingredients. Their shakes are made from ice cream, bananas, and milk.


They also serve milkshakes which are made from ice cream, milk, and strawberries.


Baker’s Drive-thru is famous for its delicious and mouthwatering food. So, if you want to have a quick meal and don’t want to go to the traditional restaurants then you can order from Baker’s Drive-thru.