Bagger Dave’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bagger Dave’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Smokin' Hot Mac 'N' Cheese, Side64026g49g
Burger Topping, Pickle5
Kids Beef Slider, No Cheese59030g36g
Honey Cinnamon120
Kids Pepperoni Pizza75028g42g
American Cheese906g7g
Sharp Cheddar Cheese905g7g
Blues Burger on Pretzel Bun100041g67g
Margherita Naan Crisp64027g28g
Sweet BBQ Sauce40
Kids Sundae2303g12g
Burger Topping, Marinated Red onion20
Buffalo Bleu Tavern Fries77017g52g
Santa Fe Nachos, Sloppy Dave's170058g116g
Santa Fe Chipotle Sauce708g
Regular Vanilla Shake With Ice Cream59013g31g
Roman Wedge Salad78029g66g
Chicken Caesar Salad78053g55g
Vanilla Shake Add Chocolate Syrup2002g
Chili Toppings, Gouda805g6g
Chili Toppings, Oyster Crackers601g1.5g
Burger Topping, Lettuce
Burger Topping, Fries1101g7g
Brownie Deluxe6507g33g
Kids Cheese Pizza55021g21g
Kids Vanilla Shake Add Oreos601g6g
Sloppy Dave's Fries106032g73g
Dave's Sweet Potato Chips4402g27g
Blackened Mahi-Mahi Burger on 9 Grain Wheat Bun75027g39g
Asian Beef Salad50026g13g
Kids Vanilla Shake Add Chocolate Syrup1001g
Smoked Gouda Cheese805g6g
Kids Buttered Noodles63016g25g
Turkey Solo20018g13g
Kids Grilled Cheese34012g12g
Side Caesar Salad3107g26g
Kids Applesauce50
Burger Topping, Pico De Gallo10
Chipotle BBQ Sauce503g
Cabernet Vinaigrette402.5g
Burger Topping, Sauteed Mushrooms201g1g
Smokin' Hot Mac 'N' Cheese, Entree121052g89g
Kids Vanilla Milkshake With Ice Cream4009g21g
Cheese Fries, Gouda84023g55g
Side of Caramel2101g
Side of Honey Cinnamon250
Burger Topping, Jalapenos, Fresh5
Chili Toppings, Sour Cream454.5g
Vanilla Shake Add Caramel & Sea Salt1801g
Sesame Brioche Bun2308g2g
Burger Topping, Cajun Spice
Twisted Mac 'N' Cheese, Side49024g31g
Mix N' Match10609g64g
Chili Mac66035g25g
Cheddar Beef Sliders91046g54g
Crispy Fried Artichokes, No Sauce Included137013g105g
Cajun And Sea Salt Tortilla Chips3505g15g
Sloppy Dave's BBQ Sliders143067g91g
Idaho Potato Fries6107g37g
Turkey Stack41037g26g
Sloppy Fries, Bleu Cheese90019g61g
Kids Vanilla Shake Add Honey Cinnamon120
Burger Topping, Pineapple Slices50
Vanilla Shake Add Oreos1301g5g
Kids Vanilla Shake Add Pumpkin Spice30
Cheese Fries, Sharp Cheddar87023g58g
Strawberry Cheesecake6406g30g
Brioche Bun2608g5g
Kids Sloppy Dave's BBQ Sliders45022g17g
House Salad52011g25g
House Caesar801g8g
Cheese Fries, American89024g58g
Kids Black Bean Burger, No Cheese45023g12g
Side Garden Salad353g
Chili Toppings, Sharp Cheddar905g7g
Saucy Sicilian Pizza Burger on Pretzel Bun82043g44g
Kids Vanilla Shake Add Reeses Peanut Butter Cup902g5g
Kids Twisted Mac 'N' Cheese46022g30g
Burger Topping, Caramelized onions20
Sinfully Sweet Brownie Sundae89013g49g
Burger Topping, Guacamole807g
Korean BBQ Naan Crisp84041g31g
Pretzel Bun2709g2g
Boston Cooler Float2903g9g
Sloppy Fries, Gouda90020g61g
Crispy Cheese Bacon Burger on Brioche115046g85g
Cheese Fries, Pepper Jack95025g63g
Kids Vanilla Shake Add Strawberry Topping110
Fiery Bleu Buffalo Turkey Burger on Sesame Brioche97057g55g
Burger Topping, Green Olives454.5g
Vanilla Shake Add Pumpkin Spice601g
Train Wreck Burger on Sesame Brioche94045g57g
Honey Mustard706g
Nacho Chips & Pico De Gallo64010g29g
Train Wreck Sauce454g
Cheese Fries, Mozzarella80021g51g
Kids Turkey Burger, No Cheese45024g18g
Burger Topping, Applewood Bacon804g7g
Sloppy Fries, Swiss91020g61g
Cheese Fries, Bleu Cheese84020g55g
Asian Turkey Burger on Sesame Brioche81046g36g
Vanilla Shake Add Strawberry Topping210
Southwestern Chicken Bowl101033g44g
Santa Fe Chipotle Turkey Burger on 9 Grain Wheat Bun111053g71g
Orange Whip Float3303g9g
Chicken Breast24041g10g
Burger Topping, Fried Egg906g7g
Zip Sauce505g
Tijuana Salad62018g39g
Side of Honey Mustard28023g
Cheese Fries, Swiss86024g55g
Mexicali Burger on Brioche103037g70g
Kids Fresh-Cut Potato Fries2202g13g
Turkey Black Bean Chili, 12 oz No Toppings21018g6g
Brandy Alexander Shake67011g29g
Chili Toppings, Jalapenos, Fresh5
Nine Grain Wheat Bun2209g1.5g
Kids Vanilla Shake Add Caramel & Sea Salt901g
Hummer Shake67011g29g
Korean BBQ Burger on Sesame Brioche99059g44g
Kids Vanilla Shake Add Caramel Topping1001g
Sloppy Fries, Mozzarella89019g60g
Pepper Jack Cheese1106g9g
Bleu Cheese805g6g
Sloppy Fries, Pepper Jack94021g64g
Cherryfest Float3503g9g
Chili Toppings, Fresh Red onions10
Great American Cheeseburger on Sesame Brioche75032g45g
Turkey Black Bean Chili, 6 oz No Toppings1109g3g
Santa Fe Nachos, Chicken138046g94g
Brown Cow Float3103g9g
Mix N' Match Appetizer10609g64g
Burger Topping, Tomato5
Sloppy Fries, American92020g62g
Vanilla Shake Add Reeses Peanut Butter Cup1804g11g
Turkey Black Bean Chili, 12 oz With Toppings36024g18g
Buffalo Garlic Sauce252g
Burger Topping, Turkey Black Bean Chili353g1g
Root Beer Float3303g9g
Smoked Cheese & Jalapeno Dip123040g77g
Mozzarella Cheese605g4.5g
Spiked Pumpkin Bourbon Shake68011g29g
Turkey Black Bean Chili, 6 oz With Toppings26015g15g
Tuscan Chicken on Naan Bread70044g29g
Burger Topping, Ketchup15
Vanilla Shake Add Caramel Topping2101g
Kids Dave's Sweet Potato Chips2802g14g
Twisted Mac 'N' Cheese, Entree98047g61g
Burger Topping, Yellow Mustard
Sloppy Fries, Sharp Cheddar91020g62g
Awesome Grilled Cheese With 7oz. Chips on Naan Bread186042g111g
Bacon BBQ Burger on Brioche93048g55g
Veggie Black Bean2608g16g
Buttermilk Ranch809g
Swiss Cheese806g6g
Burger Topping, Fresh Red onions5
Latin Chicken Sandwich on Brioche89045g55g
Chicken Parm on Brioche59046g23g
Burger Topping, Mayonnaise10011g
Vanilla Shake Add Honey Cinnamon250

What Is Bagger Dave’s Restaurant?

Have you ever thought about what a bagger dave is and why it needs to be there? We all have known bagger Dave as the name of a restaurant that serves hot dogs, pizza, pasta, and hamburgers. This place is popular among people of all ages as the food is delicious and affordable.

People come here for a quick bite but some people come here for the food which is delicious and affordable. People come here in groups or they go alone and sit in the comfy chairs and relax with their friends. You can even buy souvenirs at this place.

Here are some reasons why you should visit this place:

Best burger

One of the best things that attract people to this place is the best burger. You can find this item on the menu and the price is affordable. The bun is fluffy and the patty is juicy. If you love to eat burgers then you will definitely love the taste of this burger.

Affordable food

The price of the burger is very reasonable and affordable. You can easily get one burger for $1.20 or two patties for $2.50. The prices are very low and you will find that the food is delicious. The burger is served with a salad, French fries, and onion rings and you will get a drink for free.

Great atmosphere

This place has a very nice and clean atmosphere. It is well decorated and the chairs are comfortable. You will love to sit here because the atmosphere will make you feel relaxed. It is located in the center of the city and you can get to the nearest bus stop.


We know that you are curious about the food of bagger dave, but I will tell you that you will love this place. It is famous for the best burger in the city. You will love to sit here and enjoy the ambiance and the delicious food.