b.good Calories and Nutrition Facts

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B.good Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
El Guapo Veggie Sandwich37615g30g
The Ranchers Egg Bowl52419g25.9g
Citrus & Avocado Salad3898g29g
Adopted Luke Chicken Sandwich56344g19g
Power Elvis Acai Breakfast Bowl61611g25.5g
Harvest Kale Salad36314g26.5g
Sweet Potato & Bacon Side Salad2345g14g
Power Play Chicken Sandwich72351g43g
Power Elvis Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl61913g24.8g
Eggplant Meatball17013g9g
Sherry Vinaigrette22024g
West Side Egg Sandwich41113g17g
Apple & Bacon Bowl68516g59g
Adopted Luke Burger66035g34g
Wake Up Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl3077g6.7g
4-Bean Chili41925g9.2g
West Side Chicken Sandwich46727g27g
Wake Up Yogurt Breakfast Bowl27414g5.5g
Sweet Potato Fries3843g16g
Acai Berry Smoothie2776g4g
El Guapo Chicken Sandwich42139g24g
Southwest Chicken Side Salad26919g13g
Spicy Avocado & Lime Quinoa Bowl71117g29g
El Guapo Turkey Sandwich53939g37g
Balsamic Vinaigrette24026g
Chicken Caesar Side Salad17219g7g
Adopted Luke Turkey Sandwich68244g32g
West Side Turkey Sandwich48637g30g
Southwest Chicken Salad53838g26g
Cocoa Crave Smoothie80011g44g
Maple Bacon Veggie Sandwich63922g33g
Power Elvis Yogurt Breakfast Bowl58619g23.6g
Spicy Avocado & Lime Super Grains Bowl72415g28g
Strawberry Banana Smoothie41414g1g
The Classic Egg Bowl67125g53.5g
Cousin Oliver Turkey Sandwich44534g24g
Mediterranean Chicken Bowl65642g36g
Chocolate Shake Smoothie84817g40g
Cousin Oliver Chicken Sandwich32740g9g
Zucchini Spaghetti & Eggplant Meatballs36226g18g
Roasted Root & Mushroom Bowl2947g8g
Cousin Oliver Veggie Sandwich28812g5g
Power Play Veggie Sandwich67827g39g
Mocha Protein Smoothie48822g15g
Grilled Tomato & Cheese Sandwich51428g25g
Avocado Salsa w/ Chips64413g28g
Black Bean Brownie3005g16g
El Guapo Burger51730g39g
Southwest Chicken Wrap86144g41g
Power Play Turkey Sandwich82650g55g
Wake Up Acai Breakfast Bowl3046g7.4g
Power Quinoa Bowl59842g29g
Tomato Soup1528g5g
Power Super Grains Bowl61140g29g
Harvest Kale Side Salad1827g13g
Citrus & Avocado Side Salad1954g14g
West Side Burger46428g32g
Kale Crush Smoothie2745g1g
Maple Roasted Carrots3503g16g
West Side Veggie Sandwich32213g23g
Maple Bacon Burger65644g50g
The Local Egg Sandwich54638g26.9g
Power Play Burger69550g56g
Chicken Caesar Salad34638g14g
Maple Bacon Chicken Sandwich63241g34g
Cousin Oliver Burger42827g23g
Maple Bacon Turkey Sandwich78844g50g
Avocado Toast4017g29g
Caesar Vinaigrette30032g
The Tuscan Egg Bowl37819g12.8g
Vanilla Shake Smoothie79414g36g
Chicken Caesar Wrap70244g33g
Sweet Potato & Bacon Salad46710g29.8g
Adopted Luke Veggie Sandwich51920g14g

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