Amore Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Amore is the combination of the word Amore and the restaurant, which means Love. The restaurant is famous for its amazing food, delicious flavors, and friendly staff.

The best part of this restaurant is the interior design and the ambiance.

The interiors of the restaurant are decorated with red, white, and grey colors. The atmosphere is calm, peaceful, and romantic. The menu of the restaurant is designed in a way that it can be appreciated by the customers.

The ambiance of the restaurant is kept in a very elegant way, so it will give you a nice feeling when you are there.

If you are a lover of Italian food, then this is the perfect place for you.

The food of the restaurant is prepared by chefs who have years of experience. They are not just experts in the food preparation but also in the taste and flavor of the food.

The staff of the restaurant is very friendly and well-mannered. The service is very good and the staff will make sure that you get the best experience.

The service is not only limited to the food but also to the drinks. The restaurant has a great wine list.

The menu is designed in a way that you can choose whatever you want. You can try different kinds of pasta and pizza, which are prepared by the chefs. The pasta and pizza are of different flavors and sizes.

There are different kinds of salads and beverages. The menu of the restaurant is designed in a way that you can order different things.

If you are in a hurry, then the restaurant will serve you as soon as you come to the restaurant.

Amore Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Spicy Tomato Paste302g
Pesto Paste1101g11g
Anchovy Paste454g3g
Sun-Dried Tomato & Artichoke Mezzaluna37011g7g
Sun-Dried Tomato Paste1104g4.5g
Four Cheese Ravioli34011g8g
Herb Paste252.5g
Tomato Garlic Paste302g
Tomato Basil Paste302g
Garlic Paste252.5g
Porcini Mushroom Mezzaluna33011g7g
Chili Pepper Paste5
Tomato Paste302g
Truffle Flavor Liquid Sauce5
Pesto & Ricotta Tortellini35011g7g