America’s Taco Shop Calories and Nutrition Facts

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America’s taco shop is one of the most famous and famous restaurants in the United States. They provide the best food and service and the most important thing is that they provide great quality. The restaurant has been in the business for more than 35 years. The restaurant provides the best quality food.

The American’s taco shop has a wide variety of tacos, nachos, burritos, quesadillas, and wraps. They are serving the best food in the US and the menu is diverse. The food is available at affordable prices. Their goal is to provide the best quality to their customers.

The American’s taco shop provides an amazing dining experience to its customers. The ambiance is fun and the atmosphere is inviting. The customers will feel like they are in the US. There are many reasons why the customers are loving the American’s taco shop. So, read this article and know why the customers are loving the American taco shop.

1. Cheap and Best Quality

The most important reason why the customers are loving the American’s taco shop is the best quality and the price. The prices are very cheap and affordable. You can enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

2. Delicious Food

Another reason why the customers are loving the American’s taco shop is the delicious food. The food is made from the finest ingredients and the taste is amazing. The restaurant serves the best quality food. They have a variety of tacos, wraps, nachos, and burritos.

3. Friendly Staff

Another reason why the customers are loving the American’s taco shop is the friendly staff. The staff is very friendly and the waiters will help you in a second. The staff is professional and will guide you to the right place.

4. Variety of Food

The American’s taco shop has a variety of foods. They have different types of food, from Mexican to American food. So, you will get the best food according to your choice. The food is prepared by the best chefs and the dishes are delicious.

5. Fun Atmosphere

Another reason why the customers are loving the American’s taco shop is the fun atmosphere. The restaurant has a great ambiance and the service is amazing. You will enjoy the dining experience at America’s taco shop.

America’s Taco Shop Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chicken Burrito52033g15g
Egg and Potato Burrito, Large88036g42g
Vegetarian Quesadilla, Regular30012g15g
Chorizo & Egg Burrito71031g37g
Fire Roasted Salsa5
Sauteed Onions150.5g
Pico De Gallo5
Pork Carne Asada608g2.5g
Guacamole Side, Regular601g4.5g
Chips Bag3306g15g
Flour Tortilla, Large, 13 inch3709g10g
Egg & Potato Burrito63024g28g
12" Flour Tortilla3208g9g
Chicken Quesadilla, Regular35022g16g
Al Pastor Burrito, Large58035g19g
Jamaica, 32 oz330
Carne Asada Salad23019g14g
Vegetarian Quesadilla30012g15g
Steak Carne Asada608g3g
Chicken Tortas73025g45g
Ranchero Burrito, Large77042g39g
Carne Asada and Egg Burrito, Large90051g50g
Carne Asada and Egg Burrito, Regular63033g31g
Carne Asada & Egg Burrito63033g31g
Al Pastor Salad23019g12g
Cheese Quesadilla, Regular25011g12g
Al Pastor Tacos1308g5g
Shrimp Ceviche809g0.5g
Horchata, 20 oz3906g4.5g
Cochata Agua Frescas4006g4.5g
Charrgrilled Chicken Salad27029g12g
Ranchero Burrito, Regular62028g31g
Ranchero Burrito62028g31g
Carne Asada Burrito, Regular48022g17g
Vegetarian Quesadilla, Large50025g35g
Chicken Quesadilla, Large79046g40g
Cheese Quesadilla25011g12g
Carne Asada Tortas73021g47g
Chips & Salsa Side, Regular151g
Peruano Beans Side1907g16g
Bean & Cheese Burrito55020g27g
Carne Asada Quesadilla36020g18g
Peruano Beans Side, Regular803g7g
Peruano Beans351g3g
Carne Asada Quesadilla, Regular36020g18g
Carne Asada Vampiros25017g14g
Carne Asada Torta73021g47g
Chicken Burrito, Regular52033g15g
Guacamole Side, Large1303g10g
Carne Asada Burrito, Large63037g24g
Cochata, 20 oz2604g3g
Al Pastor Vampiros25018g13g
Al Pastor Quesadilla36021g18g
Horchata Agua Frescas5908g6g
Flour Tortilla, 8 inch1303g4g
Chicken Vampiros25018g12g
Al Pastor Pork608g2.5g
Carne Asada Tacos1408g6g
Telera Bread (Torta)2407g3.5g
Rice and Beans1607g1.5g
Horchata, 32 oz5908g6g
Bean and Cheese Burrito, Large67026g35g
Chargrilled Chicken Salad27029g12g
Chicken Quesadilla35022g16g
Al Pastor Burrito45022g14g
Corn Tortilla501g0.5g
Al Pastor Tortas69021g44g
Carne Asada Steak608g3g
Guacamole Spread353g
Roasted Jalapeno5
Chorizo and Egg Burrito, Regular71031g37g
Al Pastor Quesadilla, Regular36021g18g
Guacamole Side601g4.5g
Al Pastor Burrito, Regular45022g14g
Chicken Torta73025g45g
Carne Asada Burrito48022g17g
Rice & Beans1607g1.5g
Jamaica Agua Frescas330
Chorizo and Potato1206g9g
Cheese Quesadilla, Large62029g33g
Chips & Salsa Side, Large352g
Chicken Burrito, Large69053g19g
8" Flour Tortilla1303g4g
Jamaica, 20 oz220
Chorizo & Potato1206g9g
Carne Asada Quesadilla, Large83043g45g
Tomatillo Salsa5
Al Pastor Quesadilla, Large79044g41g
Tomato Sauce5
Peruano Beans Side, Large1907g16g
Chorizo and Egg Burrito, Large97047g54g
Telera Torta Bread2407g3.5g
Chicken Breast509g1g
Flour Tortilla, Regular, 12 inch3208g9g
Chicken Tacos1409g5g
Jack Cheese1107g9g
Al Pastor Torta69021g44g
America's Corn30012g13g
Egg and Potato Burrito, Regular63024g28g
Chip Salsa Side352g
Bean and Cheese Burrito, Regular55020g27g
Cochata, 32 oz4006g4.5g


I hope you liked the post. It is an amazing restaurant and the ambiance is awesome. If you have a friend who loves Mexican food then this is the perfect place to go. You can go and enjoy the food.