Aladdin’s Eatery Calories and Nutrition Facts

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There are numerous restaurants around the world that are known for their delicious food and excellent service. Aladdin’s Eatery is one of them.

If you are thinking of visiting this restaurant, then you must know the place and what you will eat. So, let’s get started.

What is Aladdin’s Eatery restaurant?

Aladdin’s Eatery restaurant is located in the heart of Las Vegas and offers high-quality and healthy food.

This is a famous place where people can enjoy delicious food at low cost. The menu is divided into three sections, namely, vegetarian, gluten-free and meat.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is perfect, as the place is decorated with a modern look. There are three sections and you can choose any of the sections based on your taste.

The place is famous for its healthy and delicious food, which is prepared by chefs who are experienced. The menu is divided into different categories, which include starters, mains, salads, deserts and sides.

What should you eat at Aladdin’s Eatery?

When you enter the place, you will get a welcome card with the menu. You can check the details of the menu and place your order.

You can also read the menu and choose the section based on your requirements. After that, you can choose from the wide range of options available and place the order.

The best part of this restaurant is that it offers a free bottle of water for every person.

How to pay at Aladdin’s Eatery?

You can pay using Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover. You can also use a credit card, debit card or a gift card.

Do you want to know more about this restaurant? If yes, then continue reading.

Aladdin’s Eatery Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chicken Salad Pocket w/o Dressing & Cheese55739g22g
Dawali, Small54011g37g
Greek Pitza53815g28g
Loubie Plate55615g8g
Chili With Chicken44028g10g
Fatayer Plate35713g9g
Fresh Squeezed Apple Juice2061g1g
Crazy Berry Blended Juice Smoothie2366g1g
Cilantro Vinaigrette Dressing3501g38g
Carrot Blended Juice Smoothie2583g1g
Chicken Salad Rolled Pita68042g35g
Turkey – Rolled w/ Dressing44539g10g
Mishwi Salad33038g15g
Kid's Chicken Tenders With Rice37033g5g
Carrot Apple Raw Juice Combo2574g1g
Len Chili28013g7g
Hot Sauce2021g22g
Hummus Falafel – Rolled w/ Dressing76525g30g
Taza Chicken Salad w/o Dressing & Cheese36334g10g
Blueberry Delight Blended Juice Smoothie2455g1g
Tuna Shawarma Rolled Pita70070g13g
Chicken Salad – Rolled w/ Dressing67942g35g
Kid's Chicken Tenders With Fresh Fruit52019g20g
Greek Pita Pitza61018g29g
Sambusek Plate68041g23g
Chicken Tenders w/ Fresh Fruit25028g3g
Lamb Salad w/ Dressing62039g45g
Jasmine's Rice With Beef Shawarma75037g41g
Fruit & Nut Salad4336g6g
Greek Chicken Salad33034g14g
Mediterranean Beef Kafta Plate103148g47g
V-Nine Soup With Chicken16014g4g
Beef Shawarma33029g20g
Crazy Berry Smoothie2406g1g
Aladdin's White Pita2808g1g
Aladdin's Pita1976g1g
Mango Blended Juice Smoothie2481g1g
Apple Smoothie2301g0.5g
Shish Kabob20024g12g
Mujadara Plate111022g52g
Jasmine's Rice With Grilled Tuna68064g22g
Chicken Salad43039g24g
Olive Oil Garnish141g
Baba Gannouj, Small3408g27g
Vegetarian Chili1749g3g
Mediterranean Shishkabob Plate82851g32g
Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice2255g1g
Chicken Shawarma14020g6g
Honeymooner Raw Juice Combo1784g1g
Honey Dijon Salad Dressing1771g10g
Aladdin's Side Salad602g4g
Calamata Olive Garnish161g2g
Mango Smoothie4003g1g
Ali Baba Pitza39212g11g
Hummus, Regular77037g38g
Chicken Sambusek Plate57027g28g
Blended Milk, Banana & Chocolate Smoothie2405g3g
V-Nine Soup904g
Honey Dijon Dressing2101g14g
Fattoush With Chicken81036g54g
Hummus, Large114054g56g
Beef Shawarma Rolled Pita63029g23g
Fresh Fruit Blended Juice Smoothie2863g1g
Honeymooner Juice902g
Tropical Storm Blended Juice Smoothie2506g1g
Jasmine Tuna48760g11g
Dawali, Regular109022g75g
Falafel, 1 Piece1906g12g
Cheese Pitza42221g18g
Curry Chicken Pizza106064g59g
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice3737g1g
Shishtawook Rolled Pita93038g55g
Jasmine Mishwi70439g44g
Tabouli, Small2002g19g
Marinated Chicken Thigh684g5g
Zesty Sweet Tomato Salad Dressing2821g27g
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing4201g47g
Jasmine's Rice With Lamb76050g39g
Hummus Tabouli Rolled Pita61020g21g
Chicken Sambusek57327g28g
Shish Kabob Salad40042g23g
Brown Rice With Vermicelli3405g15g
Chicken & Cheese Pitza68669g23g
Vegetarian Combo200258g134g
Grilled Tuna Salad29058g2g
Hummus Chicken Plate95753g55g
Baba Falafel Rolled Pita66020g25g
Aladdin's Salad w/ Cheese w/o Dressing1467g5g
Sfiha Plate51922g24g
Cheddar Cheese Add-On1107g9g
Fresh Squeezed Celery Juice824g1g
Mediterranean Lamb Plate100049g51g
Jasmine's Rice With Lebanese Salata49010g26g
Shishtawook – Rolled w/ Dressing52437g16g
Farrouk's Falafel Pitza95130g47g
Aladdin's Chicken Pitza68843g32g
Kid's Chicken & Cheese Pitza86072g34g
Curry Chicken Rolled Pita112050g68g
Aladdin's Kabob – Rolled w/ Dressing68237g30g
Hummus, Small38018g19g
Chicken Shawarma – Rolled w/ Dressing70236g37g
Aladdin's Pita Chips1203g4g
Orange Blended Juice Smoothie2473g1g
Chicken Salad w/o Dressing & Cheese43239g24g
Chicken Mishwi Salad55036g40g
Jasmine's Rice With Shish Kabob75047g40g
Hummus Shawarma Plate93862g47g
Baba Gannouj, Regular51013g38g
Farmer's Pitza94021g61g
Lebanese Salata1203g8g
Baba Gannouj, Large92024g68g
Feta Cheese Add-On605g4g
Nonfat Yogurt Garnish525g1g
Loubie, Regular2105g11g
Aladdin's Dressing4301g45g
Dawali Rolled Pita57011g26g
Raspberry Sunshine Blended Juice Smoothie2405g1g
Spinach Salad353g1g
Natural Energy Raw Juice Combo1467g1g
Tawook Salad w/o Dressing28939g8g
Cranberry Walnut Salad68015g38g
Carrot Smoothie2603g0.5g
Arayiss Pitza78733g35g
Tuna Shawarma – Rolled w/ Dressing59454g14g
Aladdin's Wheat Pita3009g1g
Strawberry Blended Juice Smoothie2072g1g
Mujadara Pocket w/o Dressing & Cheese67017g23g
Hummus Falafel Rolled Pita57023g9g
Side Salad w/ Dressing2413g19g
Foole M Damas70522g39g
Dawali – Rolled w/ Dressing56511g26g
Mediterranean Plate With Shish Kabob94049g52g
Lentil Soup With Chicken26019g10g
Flavor Savor Special111055g62g
Tabouli, Regular4004g37g
Turkey Salad23040g5g
Spinach Salad w/o Dressing & Cheese364g1g
Beef Kafta473g3g
Kid's Fresh Fruit1302g1g
Aladdin's Salad1106g6g
Carrot Celery Juice1805g1g
Turkey Rolled Pita72062g25g
Milk, Banana, & Strawberry Blended Juice Smoothie1835g2g
Hummus Beef Shawarma Plate83051g48g
Foole M Damas, Regular75013g66g
Hummus Tabouli Garden – Rolled w/ Dressing78421g39g
Kibbie Plate w/ Dressing79421g58g
Chicken Dijon – Rolled w/ Dressing76236g39g
Beef Kafta Rolled Pita66030g30g
Taza Chicken Salad68038g29g
Carrot Celery Raw Juice Combo1805g1g
Apple Blended Juice Smoothie2261g1g
Kibbie Plate107033g79g
Shishkabob – Rolled w/ Dressing50832g19g
Foole M Damas, Small3006g24g
Kid's Cheese Pitza60026g27g
Chicken Dijon Rolled Pita76036g39g
Blueberry Delight Smoothie2505g0.5g
Aladdin's Falafel Rolled Pita77024g36g
Hummus Pocket w/o Dressing & Cheese79232g26g
Grilled Turkey Salad29941g10g
Jasmine's Favorite Plate – Plain2987g11g
Aladdin's Falafel – Rolled w/ Dressing77424g36g
Chicken Curry Rolled Pita115063g58g
Shish Kabob Rolled Pita73037g35g
Jaffar's Pitza79242g40g
Arayiss Rolled Pita71035g38g
Fattoush Salad73014g35g
Lamb Salad41045g22g
Fattoush Salad w/ Dressing w/o Cheese101815g65g
Kid's Beef Kafta With Rice55026g25g
Shawarma – Rolled w/ Dressing57131g21g
Marinated ShishKabob566g3g
Chicken Salad Mix414g2g
Flavor Savor115752g60g
Jasmine Tawook44542g12g
Tropical Storm Smoothie2906g2g
Lentil Soup1908g6g
Cilantro Vinaigrette Salad Dressing3501g38g
Falafel Salad84027g47g
Blended Milk, Banana & Honey Smoothie2405g2g
Turkey Pocket w/o Cheese & Dressing57447g19g
Aladdin's Kabob Rolled Pita68037g30g
Chargrilled Tuna Salad28657g3g
Beef Kafta w/ White Rice36417g12g
Garlic Sauce1911g19g
Fattoush Salad Dressing3661g38g
Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing4181g47g
Mediterranean Plate With Lamb94052g51g
Jasmine Shawarma56042g25g
Tabouli, Large6006g56g
Zesty Tomato Dressing12011g
Balsamic Vinaigrette34036g
Carrot Apple Juice2604g1g
Jasmine's Rice With Mishwi Chicken68044g32g
Baba Falafel – Rolled w/ Dressing65820g25g
Len Chili With Chicken35023g10g
Fattoush Salad with dressing102015g65g
Curry Chicken – Rolled w/ Dressing111550g68g
Jasmine Salata4269g21g
Chicken Add-on for soups704g5g
Greek Chicken Salad w/o Dressing & Cheese45136g17g
Baba Gannouj1605g7g
Red Quinoa Lebanese Salad2206g10g
Beef Kafta – Rolled w/ Dressing65830g30g
Chicken Add-On684g5g
Tawook Salad28038g9g
Natural Energy Juice803g1g
Sultan's Shawarma Pitza61940g25g
Fresh Fruit Smoothie4802g1g
Fattoush Salad w/o Dressing & Cheese2931g31g
Tuna Steak Rolled Pita10206g52g
Jasmine's Rice51011g25g
Aladdin's Lamb Rolled Pita66031g31g
Spicy Kafta – Rolled w/ Dressing81931g48g
Feta Cheese605g4g
Chicken Salad Pocket56039g22g
Falafel, Regular53026g17g
Milk, Banana, & Chocolate Blended Juice Smoothie2355g3g
Tabouli Pocket w/o Dressing & Cheese79911g53g
Baba Garden – Rolled w/ Dressing36910g10g
Aladdin's Lamb – Rolled w/ Dressing66231g31g
Guava Blended Juice Smoothie2481g1g
Shish Twook13023g4g
Fresh Squeezed Carrot Juice2215g1g
Kale Quinoa Tabouli36010g22g
Falafel, Small36017g14g
Loubie Bzeit2025g8g
Marinated Lamb715g5g
Falafel Salad w/o Dressing & Cheese83527g47g
Chicken Sambusek Plate w/ Dressing56527g28g
Marinated Chicken Tenders336g1g
Lebanese Salad w/o Dressing & Cheese2864g20g
Shawarma Salad w/ Dressing63639g47g
Mediterranean Plate With Kafta122051g78g
Jaffar's Pizza72031g25g
Chicken Mishwi Salad w/o Dressing54536g40g
Shishkabob Salad w/o Dressing45241g26g
Tahini Yogurt Salad Dressing1395g11g
Aladdin's Favorite Combo64947g22g
Chicken Shawarma Rolled Pita70036g37g
Hummus Garden Rolled Pita34013g14g
Fattoush Dressing2901g30g
Jasmine Shishkabob61045g30g
Baba Garden Rolled Pita37010g10g
Tahini Yogurt Recipe1305g10g
Kid's Grilled Cheese With Fresh Fruit91031g21g
Chicken Tenders w/ White Rice32532g3g
Mujadara Power Salad107037g57g
Jasmine's Rice With Tawook Chicken64046g27g
Loubie, Small1403g8g
Jasmine Lamb78043g49g
Blended Milk, Banana & Strawberry Smoothie1805g2g
Grilled Cheese Pita w/ Fresh Fruit49418g15g
Arayiss – Rolled w/ Dressing70835g38g
Hummus Garden – Rolled w/ Dressing58420g21g
Marinated Beef Shawarma395g2g
Aladdin's Salad with cheese1507g5g
Shawarma Salad40033g24g
Hummus Mishwi Chicken Plate71052g37g
Cheddar Cheese1107g9g
Tuna Steak – Rolled w/ Dressing58648g18g
Spicy Kafta Rolled Pita98035g58g
Marinated Tuna406g1g
Blended Milk, Banana, & Honey Blended Juice Smoothie2375g2g


If you are planning to visit this restaurant, then you will definitely get the best service and delicious food. This is the perfect place for those people who are looking for a good and healthy food.

So, now you know what you should eat at this restaurant, if you haven’t visited this place, then make sure you try this place.