Abraham’s Menu Nutrition

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The name Abraham’s Restaurant has been making the headlines for a long time now. The main reason behind the popularity of the restaurant is its delicious food. Abraham’s Restaurant is famous for serving fresh and yummy food that is prepared by the chefs under the supervision of their head chef.

However, there are so many people who don’t know what exactly is Abraham’s restaurant. Many people don’t even know how to pronounce the restaurant’s name. In this article, we are going to discuss Abraham’s restaurant.

Origin of the Abraham’s Restaurant

According to history, the name Abraham’s was first mentioned in 1853. It was the time when the British started to rule India. It was their duty to control the people and they were looking for ways to do that. They found Abraham’s as a way to make the people obey their rules.

At that time, the British used to control the people by giving them money and making them work in the government offices. The idea was to make the people earn money for the government. However, most of the people didn’t want to work in those offices because they had to work long hours, and there was no pay. So, they started to protest against the British. They asked for a better salary and shorter working hours.

After hearing their demands, the British authorities thought about Abraham. They thought that he was a righteous person. He was the man who was ready to accept whatever the Lord wanted. So, they decided to name the restaurant as Abraham’s restaurant.

It is the time when the British wanted to make the people obey their rules, but now they want to take care of their needs. Abraham’s is a restaurant that serves delicious food. The restaurant is known for its food. They have made the restaurant popular in the entire region.

The Food in Abraham’s

The restaurant has served the best food since 1853. It is one of the best restaurants in the entire region. The food is prepared in the best way so that it can be served to the people. They have a separate kitchen and a special chef for preparing the food.

They have a large number of dishes that are prepared according to the people’s taste. They are prepared by experienced chefs and the food is cooked in the best way. You can choose from a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

You can get the complete experience of the restaurant by trying the food. The restaurant has a huge variety of dishes. You can also try the seafood dishes. You will be surprised to see the variety of the dishes and the quality of the food.


The restaurant has a huge number of branches across the region. The address is Abraham’s, Kolkata. It is one of the best restaurants in Kolkata. You can easily find the branch of Abraham’s restaurant in Kolkata.

The restaurant is not only famous for its delicious food, but also for its services. The best thing is that you will get to know about the place only by visiting Abraham’s restaurant. There are many other options available for you, but visiting Abraham’s restaurant is the best thing that you can do.

Abraham’s Menu Nutrition

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Baba Ghannouj Eggplant Dip402g2g
Original Hummos w/ Flax402g2g
Hummos w/ Roasted Red Peppers402g2g
Traditional Style Hummos402g2g
Horseradish & Chive Hommos402g2g
Hot & Spicy Hommos402g2g
Roasted Garlic & Chives Hummos w/ Flax402g2g
Hummos – Sundried Tomato & Basil402g2g
Hummos w/ Green Olives & Herbs402g2g
Hummos w/ Roasted Garlic402g2g
Hummos w/ Parsley & Onions402g2g
Hummos – No Salt Added402g2g
Lemony Lemon Hummos w/ Flax402g2g
Cha-Cha Chipotle Hummos w/ Flax402g2g


I think that the name of the restaurant is the most important thing. Many people don’t know how to pronounce the restaurant’s name. Even after knowing the name, they still don’t know what the restaurant is all about.

However, the restaurant serves delicious food. You will get to know about the place by visiting Abraham’s restaurant. If you are a food lover then you will definitely love to visit Abraham’s restaurant.

The restaurant has a huge number of branches and they are widely available across the region.

If you are a food lover, then you should visit Abraham’s restaurant.